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Chapter 104


Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #3·4
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 9
Kanzenban: 7


Gokuu thinks this one's not all that strong either, and Akkuman gets pissed. Baba yells at him to hurry up with it, and so Akkuman comes at Gokuu again. He swipes at him, but Gokuu leans back, and then jumps backwards to avoid his kick. Gokuu then runs at Akkuman and punches him in the face, knocking out a tooth, and knocking him off the tongue. Akkuman starts flapping his wings, though, and gets back up there and starts bragging about how great Akkuman-sama is.

Everyone's happy with Gokuu's match, and Kamesennin says he might be too strong for the next Tenkaichi Budoukai. Then Baba yells at Akkuman for slacking off so much, and so he decides to show his true power. Akkuman puts his two index and two middle fingers to his head, and talks about how this technique will make your heart explode if you have even a little bit of evil in it. He tells Gokuu he's going to die, and then pulls those four fingers from his head and points them at Gokuu. Baba calls out for him to wait, but it's too late, the attack has started. A wave comes from his fingers, swirling its way towards Gokuu, and then it hits him.

Akkuman calls out for Gokuu to explode, and everyone's worried about him, and Gokuu just wonders about this weird light that's surrounding him. But then it disappears, and Baba says this kid has a heart like a baby or an animal. Everyone's happy Gokuu's alright, and then Akkuman gets pissed and makes a pitchfork appear. He swipes at Gokuu with it, and then Gokuu gets mad about him using a weapon. Then Gokuu prepares to get serious, and waits for it, then kicks Akkuman through one of the devils' heads and into the wall, and thinks he put a little too much into it. Kamesennin can't believe Gokuu's speed.








  1. Incomplete
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