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Chapter 107

Gokuu no Shippo

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #7
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 9
Kanzenban: 8


The dude continues thinking about Gokuu blocking his Kamehameha with Zanzouken, and then Gokuu dives down preparing to use his attack now. The dude thinks he's a perfect target in the air like that, and prepares to fire off another one, until Gokuu starts chanting "Ka...me...ha...me..." The dude can't believe he can use Kamehameha, and "Ha!!!!" Gokuu fires his Kamehameha down at him, busting up some tiles and knocking the dude backwards (not a direct hit, it seems). Gokuu comes down, and then jumps over and knees the dude in the gut.

It seems like Gokuu's won, until the dude laughs and grabs Gokuu's tail. He stands up, then slings Gokuu forward, smashing him face first into the ring. Then Yamcha yells out about how Gokuu loses all of his strength when you grab his tail, it's his only weak point, and explains how he and Puer saw it when Gyuumaou's daughter pulled on it. The dude is now holding Gokuu up by the tail, and Baba thinks this is great. Kamesennin thinks he now knows how who this person is if he knows Gokuu's weak point, as the dude slams Gokuu around some more.

Out in space is a satellite, and Pilaf is watching the events on a monitor in the middle of nowhere. He's very happy to find out that the brat's weak point is his tail. Pilaf is very excited about being the ruler of the world, and talks about how this special case he has his Dragon Ball in prevents it from showing up on the Radar. So now, Pilaf says he's not scared of that kid anymore, and the three of them hop in their Mercedes to go steal his Dragon Balls.

Back at the match, the dude keeps slinging Gokuu around by his tail, and then Kamesennin says the dude is Gokuu's dead grandfather, Son Gohan. Everyone's shocked to hear this, and then Gokuu's tail breaks off, and is left in the dude's hand. Oops!








  1. Incomplete
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