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Chapter 108

Son Gohan

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #8
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 9
Kanzenban: 8


Gokuu's in real pain now, and apparently the dude didn't mean to cut his tail off. The others are more worried about how Gokuu's dead grandfather could be here, and Kamesennin explains about how he has a halo atop his head. Gokuu's really pissed about losing his tail, and prepares to attack him, when the dude says he gives up. Then the dude compliments Gokuu's training, and Gokuu asks how he knows his name, but the dude just says he should've been more careful to train his tail.

GOKUU: Don't tell me... Don't tell me...!!
DUDE: What a shame... You're just now noticing... *takes off his mask* That's right. It's me.

Gokuu starts to tear up, and runs over crying "Grandpa!!!!" He jumps up on Gohan's face, and they have a very touching hugging scene. Gohan tells Gokuu his tail was a bad thing, and asks if he's been training under Mutenroushi-sama, and Gokuu says yeah. He greets his old master, and then Gokuu asks Grandpa when he's coming back to life. But Gohan says he can't, and explains how Mutenroushi-sama's older sister, Uranai Baba, can freely travel to and from That World. And she goes to That World to scout out martial arts masters to compete in her matches here. Gokuu asks him when he'll be coming back again, and Gohan tells him that he can only stay here for one day. Blooma thinks it was really lucky that the two of them met up today, and Kamesennin says Big Sister can see into the future, and asks if she knew they were coming.

Gohan goes and thanks Mutenroushi-sama for training Gokuu, and then starts whispering about Oozaru, when Gokuu walks over to them. Then Gokuu shows him all the Dragon Balls, and then some time passes, and apparently they've explained everything to him. Kuririn tells Upa how they'll definitely return his old man to life, but Upa thinks the Dragon Balls should be used for Gokuu-san's grandfather. But Gohan says he likes the afterlife (healthy girls), and Yamcha's not surprised Roushi-sama's number one student would have such a thing for women.

Baba says she'll give them a fortune telling as promised, since they've won, and Gohan says he's ready to return to the afterlife now. Gokuu can't believe Grandpa's leaving already, but Gohan tells him he's just happy to see how he's grown. Then he starts to say his goodbyes, and thanks Baba-sama, and he tells everyone they should meet up again in the afterlife. "Bye-bye, Grandpa!! It was nice meeting with you!!" Then he poofs away, and Gokuu says he'll be training his tail when it comes back, and he'll get a lot stronger (Kamesennin thinks that's not necessary). Baba gets off of her crystal ball, and then starts chanting, and an image pops up. It's in a car, and Blooma wonders why that isn't showing up on the Radar if that's the case. Gokuu asks which direction, and Baba points that it's two hundred kilometers that way. Gokuu's excited.








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