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Chapter 111

Shenron Futatabi!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #11
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 10
Kanzenban: 8


Gokuu flies back towards Baba's palace on Kintoun with the Onestarball in hand, and then he hops off and lands down in the ring. He shows everyone the seventh Dragon Ball, and Kuririn wonders about his different clothes. Gokuu tells Upa they should leave right away, and then calls Kintoun back. Gokuu tells everyone goodbye, and Upa thanks them all. Then they take off. Kamesennin talks about how impatient Gokuu is, and Kuririn complains about having wanted to see Shenlong. And then Baba says, "He's really such an amazing kid. Before long, he'll rescue the whole world." Everyone just wonders about this.

Now Gokuu and Upa have made it back to Karin, and Upa points out Father's grave. Then Gokuu lays out all seven Dragon Balls, and prepares to summon Shenlong. "Hey Shenlong!! Come on out for me!!!" The sky turns black, the Dragon Balls begin glowing, and light shoots up from them and forms into Shenlong. Gokuu think it's awesome, as does Rachel. "Now then, speak thy wish. Any wish, but only one, and I shall grant it..." Upa then stands before Shenlong and asks him to please return Father to life. "It is a simple thing. I can grant that wish." Then there's rustling from the grave, and Bora then sits up!








  1. Incomplete
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