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Chapter 110

Pirafu no Daisakusen

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #10
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 10
Kanzenban: 8


Gokuu can't believe they're so weak, as Mai and Shuu check on Pilaf-sama. Pilaf's pissed, and then yells at them that it's Plan Tail Grab. They all three surround Gokuu, and Pilaf starts to count down, until Shuu yells out to wait. Shuu says he doesn't see his tail, so it's probably in the brat's pants. Pilaf says there's a change in plans, and asks Gokuu to wait a minute, then the three Pilaf Machines huddle. Then they finish, and they surround Gokuu again. Pilaf does the point and look thing, and while Gokuu's turned away, Mai grabs him from behind, then Shuu blasts him with some fire from his mecha's tail.

Pilaf says his clothes are burning to expose his ass (his pants are completely burned off now), and then goes over and prepares to grab his tail. Except that there is no tail. Mai tells Pilaf-sama to hurry up, since the kid is so strong (she can't hold him much longer). Shuu asks Pilaf-sama what's wrong, and he tells them the tail's gone. Gokuu breaks free from Mai's mecha's hands, and then gets pissed that his pants are gone. Mai wonders what they should do, and Pilaf decides they'll show off their true power. The three Pilaf Machines combine into one giant Pilaf Machine (like Voltron!). But then Gokuu just fires a Kamehameha at it, blowing off the left arm.

Mai says the number two mecha (hers) isn't working, and Pilaf says to toss it aside, they'll convert to Ostrich Mode. Pilaf's little round mecha hops onto Shuu's mecha's tail, and Mai hops onto Shuu's mecha's back (and it does look like an ostrich), and they start to run away. Gokuu gives chase, and he's gaining on them, so Pilaf says to shoot off a missile. A big Bullet Bill-looking thing comes at Gokuu, and he catches it and throws it at their ostrich thing, blowing it up. "I won! Give me the Dragon Ball." Pilaf hands over the Onestarball, and now Gokuu needs some clothes, so he takes Shuu's outfit, and it's a perfect fit.








  1. Incomplete
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