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Chapter 115

Yosen Sabaibaru Sono Ni

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #15
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 10
Kanzenban: 8


Apparently Jackie's heard of King Chapa, and thinks this'll be a troublesome match for Gokuu, even if it's his first. Then Gokuu flies at him and punches him in the face, but it doesn't knock Chapa down. Yamcha says it's gotten serious, and Jackie says Chapa's gonna use Hasshuken. Yamcha's heard of that, apparently you move so fast it looks as if you have eight arms. So, Chapa comes at Gokuu, but Gokuu manages to dodge all of his hits, and then he sweep kicks Chapa off his feet. Chapa swings at Gokuu, but misses, since Gokuu's jumped up towards the ceiling. And then Gokuu kicks off the ceiling and dives down at him, then kicks Chapa and knocks him off the platform. The official dude says it's #28's win.

Yamcha and Jackie can't believe how easily Gokuu defeated Chapa, and Gokuu wants to see how strong they've all gotten over the years. Then it's Jackie's turn, and he knocks out this bear dude for the victory. Yamcha says he's improved since last time, and thinks the Budoukai's gotten more amazing this time.

And so the preliminaries continue, with Mutenroushi's three making it into the final eight, along with Jackie Chun. Then the three of them run outside to greet the others, and Blooma congratulates them. Kuririn asks about Mutenroushi-sama, and Blooma says he's probably off being a chikan in this crowd. "Who'd you say was a chikan!?" Kamesennin has shown up, and he compliments their work in the preliminaries. Then the PA system calls the finalists on, and so they leave, and Oolong says they'll see everything just fine with Bad Lunch-san in tow. Then Bad Lunch starts firing off her pistol to clear a path.








  1. Incomplete
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