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Chapter 116

Tsukurareta Taisenhyou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #16
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 10
Kanzenban: 8


Backstage, Gokuu balances on his hands while Kuririn, Yamcha, and Jackie stand around, and then the three-eyed dude shows up and mocks the "Dumb Kame Team", amazed they survived the preliminaries. He and Yamcha argue a bit, and then Kuririn tells the freaky midget mime dude he can't believe he made it past the preliminaries. So, the mime dude calls him baldie, and Kuririn yells at him that he's bald too, right? The midget takes off his little hat, and Kuririn yells at him that it's just one hair. "Jealous?" Then the three-eyed dude pulls the midget mime dude aside, calling him Chaozu, as he's sticking his tongue out at the pissed off Kuririn.

Then Announcer shows up, and he calls all the participants. "Ossu!" Announcer recognizes Gokuu, and asks him to please not bust up the arena this time. He explains how they'll have a lottery to determine opponents and match order, and to come up when your name is called. First he calls up Jackie Chun-san, and so the three-eyed dude tells Chaozu that he was winner last time, and he wants to see him in action first. Then the three-eyed dude looks over at this angry wolf dude, who apparently has a grudge against Jackie Chun, so he tells Chaozu to match the wolf up against Jackie to make it interesting. Jackie draws #4, in the second match, and then Yamcha-san is called up. The three-eyed dude wants to fight him, so Chaozu uses some kinda telekinesis to make him draw #1, the first match. (Psychic freaky midget mime dude!) Panputt-san is called up next, this kickboxer-looking dude with an afro, and Chaozu puts him at #7, in the fourth match.

Next is Tenshinhan-san, the three-eyed dude, and Chaozu puts him at #2 so he'll fight Yamcha in the first match. Next, Kuririn-san is called, and Chaozu puts him at #6, in the third match. Next, Announcer calls Wolf Man-san, and the wolf dude yells that it's Man Wolf. He explains how a wolf man turns into a wolf at the full moon, but he turns into a human at the full moon. Then Chaozu makes him draw #3, so he'll fight Jackie Chun in the second match. Announcer calls up Gyouza* next, and Chaozu corrects him, then draws #5, putting him in the third match with Kuririn. Kuririn's relieved to be fighting that chibi instead of Gokuu. Announcer looks at the chart, and says all that's left is Son Gokuu-san, and he'll draw #8 to be in the fourth match against Panputt-san. "Huh!? How do you know I'll get #8?" says Gokuu, then he goes and draws, and he's impressed that he really did get #8. The Match-Ups!

Tenshinhan makes fun of Kamesennin's place, and then Announcer explains the rules. "Falling from the ring, being down for a ten count, or giving up is a loss." Then he prepares to leave, and asks Gokuu if he wants a meal before the match again, and so Gokuu responds with "Eat, eat!!" Tenshinhan makes fun of them for that, then tells Chaozu he looks forward to their matches. Kuririn thinks the four of them (Kuririn, Yamcha, Gokuu, and Jackie) will be the ones to advance to the semifinals.

Out in the crowd, Oolong wonders about the old man, and Puer thanks Good Lunch-san for getting them this great spot, but she doesn't understand, since it was the bad one who got the seats. Then the gongs sound, and Announcer comes out. "Ladies and gentleman, so sorry to have kept you waiting such an awfully long time!! But now we're back, and we'll begin the twenty-second Tenkaichi Budoukai!!!" He explains about how the hundred eighty-two contestants in the preliminaries is now down to eight, and about the five hundred thousand zenii prize. "Well then, we'll begin the first match!! It's Yamcha-senshu versus Tenshinhan-senshu!!" They both come out, and the onlookers are amazed at the idea of Tsurusennin and Kamesennin's students fighting. Tenshinhan and Yamcha both think this'll be fun.

*Chaozu is the Chinese reading for gyouza, a type of Japanese food. Once again, Announcer is misreading names!








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