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Chapter 118

Yamucha Yabureru!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #18
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 10
Kanzenban: 8


Everyone watches as Tenshinhan stands firm, and then he bounces the Kamehameha back Yamcha's way. Yamcha is just barely able to jump up to avoid it, and Tenshinhan follows him up there as the Kamehameha hits a building. Yamcha's pissed about the deflection, and then Gokuu yells for him to look out. Tenshinhan's up there mid-air right next to him, and he kicks Yamcha then tosses him back down to the ring. Yamcha lands back first really hard, and he's knocked out. Then Tenshinhan comes down, landing knee first on his leg, breaking it.

Gokuu runs in the ring, and Announcer comes in worried as well, while Tenshinhan just smugly asks the results. "Y-Yamcha-senshu is unable to continue the match in his condition. T-therefore, it's Tenshinhan-senshu's win...!!" Announcer tells this dude his leg is broken and he needs to be taken to a hospital, and then Puer flies in and says he'll do so. Puer changes into a magic carpet, and Gokuu and Kuririn help Yamcha onto it, then Puer flies off with him. Blooma says she's gonna follow, and Good Lunch thinks they should go together.

Gokuu's pissed, and Tenshinhan says he should be thankful he's such a nice man and he didn't kill him. Gokuu says he'll get him, but Tenshinhan just laughs and leaves the ring, doubting Gokuu'll make it to the finals. Tsurusennin is pleased with this, and thinks Kamesennin must be getting pale.

"W-well then, we'll begin the second match. It's Jackie Chun-senshu versus Man Wolf-senshu! By all means!!" Man Wolf heads out first, glaring at Jackie on the way. Chaozu gives Tenshinhan the peace sign, and Tenshinhan says it was only natural, but he'd thought the Kamesen-Style would be better than that. Then he tells Chaozu that that Yamcha dude was probably the best of Kamesennin's three students, so he'll probably be the winner, and Chaozu'll be the runner up. And then Jackie heads out to the ring.








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