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Chapter 117

Yamucha no Kamehameha

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #17
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 10
Kanzenban: 8


They stare each other down, then Yamcha flies at him with a kick, but Tenshinhan blocks it, and then Yamcha is just barely able to dodge his jabs. Then Tenshinhan kicks him, and Yamcha does some backflips. Tenshinhan flies at him, kicking off the wall, and punches at him, but Yamcha jumps up outta the way. So, Tenshinhan flies up after him, and Yamcha dodges his hits, then pounds him down towards the ground. They each land, and the audience is impressed as the two of them each wonder about the other.

Yamcha announces Shinrougafuufuuken, and Tenshinhan thinks it sounds interesting. They fly at each other, and Tenshinhan manages to block all of his hits, then he hits Yamcha hard in the gut, knocking him down. But Yamcha gets back up again, and prepares for his next attack. Kuririn wonders what he's doing, and Gokuu says it's Kamehameha, and Jackie Chun wonders about it. "Ka...me...ha...me...ha!!!" Yamcha fires it off, and Tenshinhan folds his hands in front of himself with his index fingers out, preparing to take the Kamehameha head on.








  1. Incomplete
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