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Chapter 124

Wakaki Tenshinhan

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #24
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 11
Kanzenban: 9


Jackie says something about Tsurusennin, and Tenshinhan tells him he'll be sorry for talking bad about his teacher. Jackie asks about this, and so Tenshinhan says he'll get serious. "What!? Are you saying you weren't serious up until now?" asks Jackie. Kuririn thinks it's a bluff, as Tenshinhan holds his hands in front of his face, with the backs of his hands facing out, thumbs closed in, and the other eight fingers spread apart. Tenshinhan announces Shintsurusenryuu Taiyouken, and he unleashes a flash of light that blinds everyone who isn't wearing sunglasses. (Basically, everyone but Tsurusennin and Announcer.)

Tenshinhan runs over and knees Jackie in the back of the head, knocking him out. Announcer begins the count as Gokuu and Kuririn slowly open their eyes again. Jackie gets back up at five, surprising Tenshinhan, and Jackie asks if he couldn't have pity on an old man whose eyes're already going bad. Tsurusennin wonders about Jackie, and Tenshinhan asks who the hell he is. Jackie asks why a guy like him is involved with Tsurusennin, and some stuff about choosing light over shadow. Tenshinhan yells out that if he keeps talking crap, he's gonna shut his mouth for him, and then runs over towards Jackie.

Tenshinhan punches at Jackie, but Jackie blocks it, then Tenshinhan gets in a kick to the face. Jackie asks him if he's getting confused, and Tenshinhan can't believe he's still talking. Gokuu wonders how Announcer was able to call the knee strike when it was all bright before, and Announcer points out his sunglasses to Gokuu (saying something about them maybe being rose-colored glasses). Jackie continues going on about Tsurusennin being bad, and then Tsurusennin realizes who Jackie Chun really is. He telepathically tells Tenshinhan this old man is Kamesennin in disguise. Jackie realizes his secret's been exposed, at least to those two.

Tenshinhan decides he'll show him an interesting counter, and Jackie asks if he maybe means an etchi book. Tenshinhan yells at him, then... "Ka... me... ha..." Kuririn, Gokuu, and Jackie're all shocked. "Me... Ha!!!" Tenshinhan fires a HUGE Kamehameha, and Jackie yells out that he'll kill the audience. Jackie holds out his hands to catch the Kamehameha, then diverts it up into the air. Tenshinhan says that's a standard technique, and he can easily make things like that his own by watching just once.

Jackie says some more stuff about walking the bright path, and then walks over to the edge of the ring and hops out. Everyone's shocked as Jackie hops back in the ring to grab his jacket and go backstage. Tenshinhan asks him why as he heads back, but Jackie just hums along and ignores him. Tsurusennin thinks he was scared, but Tenshinhan thinks otherwise. Backstage, Jackie wonders what kind of era it'll be from now on (him letting the youngsters do this).








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