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Chapter 125

Son Gokuu Tai Kuririn!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #25
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 11
Kanzenban: 9


Now it's time for the sixth match between Kamesennin's two students, Son Gokuu and Kuririn, with the winner going on to the finals against Tenshinhan. Kuririn just now realizes the two of them'll compete, and freaks out, but Gokuu's excited about them fighting for the first time. They each promise to do their best, and then head out to the ring. And, backstage somewhere, Jackie is getting changed back into the suit and hat he wore to the arena, and Tenshinhan shows up as he puts on his Kamesennin sunglasses. He asks about the disguise, and Kamesennin tells him it's for the benefit of his students. Then Tenshinhan says something else about his losing on purpose (not quite sure what, but he says it smugly).

"Well then, please begin the second match!!" Kamesennin and Tenshinhan talk a bit more, and it seems Rachel's not quite skilled enough to understand much of a Ten-Kame conversation. Kamesennin prepares to walk off, saying something about Tenshinhan doing good things. Tenshinhan decides to tell him about a good thing: he aims to take Taopaipai-san's place as the world's number hitman (if Bret Hart'll let him...). Jackie shrugs that off and leaves, wishing him a good match, and Tenshinhan thinks the old man has no pride.

Kuririn kicks at Gokuu, but Gokuu blocks it, then Gokuu blocks Kuririn's punch. Gokuu kicks at Kuririn, and Kuririn jumps over it, then kicks at Gokuu mid-air, but Gokuu blocks it. Kuririn lands, then Gokuu rushes at him and whacks him in the face. Kuririn jumps back, and he looks up to see Gokuu's gone. Out of nowhere, Gokuu kicks Kuririn, then gets in a few more kicks that Kuririn just barely blocks. Then Kuririn strikes at Gokuu, and they break. They talk a bit, then Kuririn rushes at Gokuu with an elbow to the face, then a kick across the ring. Kuririn rushes after Gokuu, but Gokuu jumps into the air. So, Kuririn jumps up after him, and gets a look at the sun. Kuririn tilts his shiny bald head just right, and flashes some sunlight in Gokuu's eyes. Then Kuririn kicks Gokuu down towards the ring, but Gokuu lands on his feet rather than crashing.








  1. Incomplete
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