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Chapter 127

Kuririn no Sakusen, Gokuu no Sakusen

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #27
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 11
Kanzenban: 9


Kuririn laughs about this as Gokuu slowly loses his strength. "Whoooooa, Son-senshu is down!! What in the world could be wrong!?" Tenshinhan thinks this is rather unexpected, and laughs about how fighting that Kuririn guy will be an easy victory. Gokuu finally gets up just after the count of nine, and jumps over Kuririn's head while his tail's still in Kuririn's hand. Then Gokuu slams Kuririn down with his tail, and explains how he trained his tail just like Kamesennin Grandpa said. (Except that it was his dead Grandpa who said it, not Kamesennin.) Kamesennin ponders this turn of events, and says now Gokuu has no weak point.

Kuririn does the old "look over there" gag, and elbows Gokuu in the face when his head is turned. Kamesennin says he does have a weak point after all -- he's too docile and honest. And then Gokuu vanishes from sight. Kuririn frantically looks around, but he can't find Gokuu, nor can anyone else. Except Tenshinhan, who thinks to himself that he hasn't disappeared, they just can't see him because he's going ridiculously fast. (They can still hear him moving around, apparently, since there's little "papapapapa" sound effects all over the place.) Then Gokuu suddenly appears in front of Kuririn sticking his tongue out, freaking Kuririn out, and then Gokuu whacks Kuririn, tossing him outta the ring. "R-ringout... I-it's Son-senshu's win..."

Everyone's surprised about that, except Tenshinhan. Tsurusennin and Kamesennin each wonder about Gokuu as well. Announcer asks Gokuu if he'd like to have a recess before the finals, but Gokuu declines. "Now, ladies and gentleman, at last the greatest martial artist in the world will be decided!! It's the finals!!! As expected, the honor of the greatest in the world and a five hundred thousand zenii prize will be waiting for either Tenshinhan-senshu, or perhaps Son Gokuu-senshu. Surely this will be the can't-miss match of the century!!!" Kuririn tells Gokuu not to lose, and Tenshinhan thinks this'll be fun.








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