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Chapter 128

Tenkaichi no Suupaa Batoru!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #28
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 11
Kanzenban: 9


Announcer goes on about how the Twenty-Second Tenkaichi Budoukai has gone from a hundred eighty-two down to just two -- Tenshinhan and Son Gokuu. Kamesennin wants a closer look, so he runs through the audience and heads over behind the back wall next to the ring where Kuririn is watching. Kuririn tells him only contestants are supposed to be back here, but Kamesennin's unconcerned. Tsurusennin and Chaozu watch in the audience, with Tsurusennin thinking of how Tenshinhan can't lose to Kamesennin's student, for Taopaipai's sake.

Tenshinhan and Gokuu stare each other down, and Announcer calls for the match to begin. Gokuu flies at Tenshinhan and strikes at him, but Tenshinhan blocks it. Then Tenshinhan kicks at Gokuu, and Gokuu jumps over it, grabbing onto Tenshinhan's leg with his tail. Gokuu swings around Tenshinhan's leg by his tail, and comes up and uppercuts Tenshinhan, knocking him across the ring. Tenshinhan flips over before he crashes, and kicks off the ring, heading up into the air. So, Gokuu goes up after him with a jump kick, but Tenshinhan fires a Dodonpa down at Gokuu. Direct hit, and Gokuu crashes down through the ring, busting up some tiles.

Tenshinhan smirks and comes back down to the ring, and then Gokuu shoots up from under the floor. Gokuu kicks off the ring when he lands, and rushes at Tenshinhan. Gokuu does the same super-speed trick he used against Kuririn where he appears to've vanished, but Tenshinhan pays attention to the sounds of Gokuu's movements and whacks Gokuu hard, knocking him across the ring. "Do you think a child's trick like that would work against ME!!" Tenshinhan charges after Gokuu, elbowing him into the back wall, and then Tenshinhan repeatedly strikes at Gokuu up against the wall. Kamesennin says that attack's like a machine gun, and then Tenshinhan clubs Gokuu down off the wall. Tenshinhan holds the faint Gokuu up with one hand, and asks him if he'd like to go to heaven or hell.








  1. Incomplete
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