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Chapter 129

Haikyuuken to Sentou Pawaa

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #29
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 11
Kanzenban: 9


Now Tenshinhan's gonna finish Gokuu off. He tosses Gokuu up into the air, then Tenshinhan does an about-face and calls out, "Haikyuuken, here I go!!!" Tenshinhan makes a cute face (the funniest expression I have ever seen), then slaps his hands together and rushes towards Gokuu, just before the kid falls back to the ring. "One!!" Tenshinhan spikes Gokuu back into the air with the back of his wrist. "Two!!" Tenshinhan holds his hands up over his head, which does SOMETHING to mid-air Gokuu (I can't quite tell what (this would be easier to figure out if it was animated)). Tenshinhan then jumps up after Gokuu. "Attaaaaaack!!!!" Tenshinhan swats Gokuu back down towards the ring, and Gokuu hits it hard, looking dead.

But Gokuu easily kicks back up, shocking everyone. Tenshinhan tells him he's surprisingly tough, and Gokuu says something about going all out. Tenshinhan laughs, and asks about that. Gokuu explains he only used his Match Use Power. "However, since it seems you wanna kill me, I'm gonna use my Battle Use Power!!" Tenshinhan wonders about this, then shrugs it off and calls Gokuu on. Gokuu rushes at Tenshinhan, then punches him in the face, socks him in the gut, and then kicks Tenshinhan across the ring. Gokuu then charges after Tenshinhan, flying under him. Then Gokuu kicks Tenshinhan in the back from below, sending Tenshinhan way up into the air.

Gokuu decides to fire a Kamehameha up at Tenshinhan, but then stops just before the last "ha". Tenshinhan lands, taking a moment to regain his composure. He tells Gokuu how great this feels, he's never had a fight like this before. Kuririn thinks Gokuu's stupid for stopping the Kamehameha, but Kamesennin explains to him that it would've been a waste of energy to use it now, as Gokuu blocks an elbow from Tenshinhan.








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