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Chapter 141

孫悟空 爆発!!
Son Gokuu Bakuhatsu!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #41
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 12
Kanzenban: 10


Tambourine can't believe he's still alive. "Kuririn's enemy!! Kintoun's enemy!! On top of that, you stole my Dragon Ball!! I absolutely ain't gonna forgive you!!" Yajirobe tells Son to let him eat this monster if he defeats it. Tambourine can't believe Cymbal was defeated by this clumsy "shit brat", and thinks he must want to die if he wants to fight him again. Gokuu says it's different today, his belly's all fulled up. Tambourine wants to see just how different he is. Gokuu thinks of Kuririn, and Tambourine yells at him to come on, asking if he's just talking crap again.

Gokuu charges towards Tambourine, and then surrounds him with a bunch of afterimages. Gokuu elbows the confused Tambourine in the face, then starts pounding on Tambourine, and finally he punches Tambourine off. Gokuu rushes after him, jumps up, kicks off a random mountain thing, and comes down, kneeing Tambourine face first into the ground. Gokuu stands over him holding the peace sign, but then Tambourine gets back up, pissed. He can't believe that they, the Demon Tribe, would lose to a mere human, then fires off a mouth blast at Gokuu.

The spot where Gokuu was is empty, and Tambourine starts to celebrate. But Gokuu's just behind him, and is gonna get him on behalf of Kuririn and Kintoun. Tambourine flies off scared, so Gokuu grabs the Nyoi Bo and extends it really high, bringing Gokuu high up into the air. Then Gokuu jumps off the bo, and fires a Kamehameha when he gets near enough to Tambourine. Up in the airship, Piccolo feels that Tambourine has also died. Piccolo decides he'll have to go down and take care of things personally, while Yajirobe chews out Gokuu for not leaving any of that monster behind for him to eat.








  1. Incomplete
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