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Chapter 142

ピッコロ大魔王 降り立つ!!
Pikkoro Daimaou Oritatsu!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #42
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 12
Kanzenban: 10


Piccolo is seriously pissed as the airship heads towards the Onestarball's area. But Pilaf notices on their radar/globe that four balls are together, moving, meaning someone else is gathering the Dragon Balls. That someone is Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Kamesennin, who're flying around in a little plane-type thing. Tenshinhan wonders if the fifth Dragon Ball they're heading towards might be the one Piccolo Daimaou's henchman took when he killed Kuririn. Kamesennin says fighting Piccolo is no good, so they'll use the Dragon Balls to have Shenlong destroy Piccolo, then revive Kuririn and everyone in a year.

Tenshinhan then suggests Mafuuba, but Kamesennin insists that's ridiculous; even if they did it, Yamcha would be the only one left in this world. Meanwhile, Pilaf is freaking out about these others, but Piccolo isn't worried. Those guys can't do anything so long as they have the Fourstarball, so they can go avenge Cymbal and Tambourine until those guys bring the other balls here.

Gokuu checks the Radar, as Yajirobe says he'll give him the Onestarball if he beats up another monster and brings it back for him to eat. The Radar says the next ball is very close, and the two of them look around, and finally spot the airship is up above them. An announcement that Piccolo Daimaou-sama has arrived comes over the speakers, but Shuu pressed the wrong button. This time, the message plays OUTSIDE of the airship, and Gokuu realizes that must be the monsters' boss. Yajirobe thinks the name "Piccolo Daimaou" sounds familiar, and then he remembers where he's heard it.

YAJIROBE: H-hey, Son! I'll give this ball to you.
GOKUU: Huh? How come? The boss might also be real yummy.
YAJIROBE: I-I'm all full now!!

Yajirobe scurries off, as Gokuu puts on the Onestarball necklace and prepares for the monsters' boss to come down. Pilaf, Piccolo, and everyone looks over the edge of the airship, and Pilaf decides to take a look at who this person is with some binoculars. Pilaf freaks out when he sees, and explains to Piccolo how this brat always got in his way, and he's strong for a chibi. Piccolo is gonna get this brat who shamed the Demon Tribe, with his Demon Magic.

Piccolo hops down from the airship, quite a ways down, and he comes face to face with Gokuu. Gokuu asks if he's the boss of the dude who killed Kuririn and stole his ball, and Piccolo says he is, then compliments Gokuu for having defeated two of his senshi. Gokuu says he's gonna defeat him as well, and get back his Dragon Ball. Piccolo just laughs about this, and tells the "shit brat" he's like ant crap. Gokuu charges at Piccolo, calling him slug crap, as Yajirobe watches from behind a tree, thinking Son's dead.








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