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Chapter 147

若がえるか!? ピッコロ大魔王
Waka Gaeru ka!? Pikkoro Daimaou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #47
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 13
Kanzenban: 10


Piccolo goes on about his youth, and Tenshinhan notes that that was his plan. Piccolo stands over the Dragon Balls and calls out Shenlong, and the sky turns black. Tenshinhan realizes what a bad thing Piccolo's having his youth restored would be, as the Dragon Balls begin to glow. And Shenlong shoots up in his usual blaze of glory, impressing all the onlookers. Tenshinhan telepathically calls Chaozu, telling him to make his wish before Piccolo does.

"Now, speak thy wish. Any wish, but only one, and I shall grant it." Piccolo starts to call out his wish, when Chaozu runs out. "Please erase..." Piccolo turns his head. "...Piccolo Daimaou..." Piccolo blasts Chaozu before he can finish the wish, killing the little dude on the spot. Tenshinhan is pissed, but there's nothing he can do (he can't even speak aloud). Shenlong tells Piccolo to hurry it up, so he yells out his wish for returned youth. Shenlong says it's an easy thing, and Piccolo slowly begins to lose all of his wrinkles.

Piccolo gets excited, as he can now feel the incredible power of his restored youth flowing through him. Gokuu notices the black sky, and realizes that dude has summoned Shenlong. Yajirobe recognizes that name, and that it means all seven balls have been gathered, as Karin Tower comes into view.








  1. Incomplete
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