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Chapter 146

亀仙人 最後の魔封波!!
Kamesennin Saigo no Mafuuba!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #46
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 13
Kanzenban: 10


Piccolo laughs about this dude who plans to challenge him, and Kamesennin says this isn't the first time they've met. Kamesennin says he was there when Piccolo fought his teacher. His teacher's name was... Mutaito-sama! Piccolo freaks out, and Kamesennin pulls out a capsule. Out pops a Denshi Jar, and Piccolo freaks out even more. Tenshinhan realizes what's coming, as Kamesennin reminds Piccolo about this technique. Pilaf wonders what's wrong, while the pterodactyl-looking dude can't believe this.

Piccolo tries to fly away, but Kamesennin throws his hands into the air, calling out, "Mafuuba!!!!" Piccolo is caught in some kinda wave of magic, and Kamesennin swirls him around, directing Piccolo towards the Denshi Jar. But, Kamesennin slightly misdirects it, and Piccolo crashes a few inches from the Denshi Jar rather than inside of it. Kamesennin weakly says this was a mistake, but tells Piccolo he believes that he'll be defeated one day. And then Kamesennin drops to his death, as Piccolo laughs. Elsewhere, Gokuu feels something is wrong, but he doesn't know what, and Yajirobe thinks he's weird.

Piccolo continues laughing about Kamesennin's death, while Pilaf and everyone celebrates up in the airship. Piccolo says he has nothing left to fear, nobody left to do Mafuuba, and he laughs some more. Then he waves his fingers, bringing the five Dragon Balls up from the ground. And he coughs up his two, bringing all seven balls together. Piccolo is prepared to have his youth and power restored, as Tenshinhan curses not being able to do anything.








  1. Incomplete
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