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Chapter 149

Sekai Seifuku

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #49
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 13
Kanzenban: 10


Bora picks up Yajirobe, who has the weakened Gokuu on his back, and Upa wishes them both luck. Then, Bora tosses them straight into the air, all the way up through the clouds. Yajirobe catches onto the tower, and then begins their ascent. Elsewhere, Piccolo arrives at the king of the world's grand residence, King Castle, and he tells Piano it's gonna be his castle now. Piccolo and Piano walk to the front gates, and the guard says only authorized people are allowed in. Piccolo says he's the king, and pops the guard on the neck, knocking him out. The second guard shoots at Piccolo, so Piccolo blows him up with some eye lasers.

Piccolo telekinetically busts open the gates, and he and Piano walk towards the castle. Some more guards come towards them, but Piccolo's not worried about these pathetic ants. Meanwhile, it's night out at Karin Tower, and a pissed off Yajirobe continues climbing up there with Gokuu. And Piccolo and Piano are inside the castle now, with a trail of dead guards behind them. This big guard dude then shows up, and tells Piccolo to halt. Piccolo isn't worried, though, and the big dude tells him to surrender.

Piccolo doesn't really wanna surrender, and so the big dude comes at him with a punch. But Piccolo catches his fist, and asks if that was supposed to be a punch. Piccolo shows him a real punch by knocking the dude in the face, and sending him flying into the wall. Piccolo grabs him and asks him where The King is, but the big dude just asks Piccolo who he is. So, Piccolo shoves his arm through the big dude's chest, killing him.

Then Piccolo goes over to some other guards, and asks them where The King is. One dude tells him he's at the top of the west tower, but Piano points out that The King is escaping in a little aircraft. And Yajirobe continues climbing Karin Tower, and finally he can see the top. He tries to tell Son, but Gokuu's fast asleep, and Yajirobe gets pissed and yells at him to wake up. And Piccolo hops up onto The King's little aircraft.








  1. Incomplete
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