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Chapter 150

Karinsama mo Nayamu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1987 #50
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 13
Kanzenban: 11


Piccolo kicks open the little glass bubble roof hatch thing, and The King (a little dog dude in a suit, with glasses and a mustache) asks who he is. "Me? I'm the one who's replacing you to become the new king, Piccolo Daimaou-sama." A guard dude in the little craft starts firing at Piccolo, so Piccolo says they still don't seem to realize who he is. Piccolo grabs the guard dude by the head, holds him out over the ground, and then drops him to his death.

The King wants to know what he wants, so Piccolo repeats his intentions to become the new king. He tells The King he wants him to announce to the whole world that Piccolo Daimaou-sama is the ruler, but The King says he can't do such a thing. So, Piccolo is gonna give him a splendid show. Piccolo closes his fist, and then opens it and waves his arm across the air, blowing up a large portion of the surrounding city. Piccolo tells The King he'll destroy everything if he doesn't do as he's asked, and so The King relents.

Gokuu and Yajirobe have arrived, and Yajirobe catches his breath. Gokuu and Karin-sama exchange greetings, and then Gokuu decides to explain why he's come, but Karin-sama already knows it's Piccolo Daimaou. Gokuu asks how he knows that, so Karin-sama explains that he gets bored and watches the lower world from here. Gokuu can't believe he can see down there from all the way up here, and Karin-sama asks what he wants.

Gokuu explains how he wants to train to beat up that bad guy, and so Karin-sama decides Gokuu should heal up first. He tosses Gokuu a Senzu, and Yajirobe looks at the little seed, pissed that that's the feast he was promised. Yajirobe runs over to Karin-sama and grabs a handful of Senzu from the pot, and chomps them down, saying they ain't delicious. Poof! Yajirobe's belly gets REAL fat, and Gokuu explains about how they're worth ten days of food. Karin-sama says Senzu also restore your body, and Gokuu's impressed at being fully healed now.

Gokuu asks Karin-sama if he'll train him now, but Karin-sama says there's nothing left he can teach him. Then he says how nobody can seem to win against Piccolo Daimaou, even Mutenroushi was killed. Gokuu starts to get really pissed about Kamesennin Grandpa, and prepares to run off, but Karin-sama yells that there's nothing he can do. Gokuu insists he has to do something, so Karin-sama tells him to hold up, there is one thing. If he's prepared to try drinking...the Super God Water...








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