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Chapter 154

Tenshinhan no Gosan

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #3·4
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 13
Kanzenban: 11


Drum prepares to fight Tenshinhan, as Gokuu nears King Castle. Tenshinhan rushes at Drum, and swipes at him, but Drum ducks it, then punches at Tenshinhan. Tenshinhan catches his fist, though, and starts kicking at Drum, but Drum dodges, then punches Tenshinhan in the face, knocking him back. Drum follows up with two kicks, then he elbows Tenshinhan a distance away. But Tenshinhan catches himself, and flies back towards Drum with a headbutt to the, uh, head.

Drum laughs about this interesting dude, as Tenshinhan thinks about his unbelievable strength and speed. Though, he's just an ordinary henchman, not Piccolo. Drum appears next to Tenshinhan before he can react, and then gets behind Tenshinhan and punches him in the back. Tenshinhan falls down face first, really hurting, so Piccolo tells Drum to completely crush this persistent dude's heart.

Drum stands over Tenshinhan, and prepares to put his hand through Tenshinhan's back, when, suddenly... In a flash, Drum is knocked off Tenshinhan. Gokuu is here, and Tenshinhan's happy to see he's still alive. But Piccolo doesn't share the sentiment. Gokuu notices Piccolo's face is different, and Piccolo explains how he got his youth restored, and overwhelming power came along with.

Tenshinhan yells at Son to run away, but Gokuu's not worried. Piccolo wonders why these sort of idiots just won't die, as Drum instantly appears next to Gokuu. But, Gokuu just jumps up and kicks Drum in the head, smashing it open and popping an eye out. Tenshinhan and Piccolo are shocked, and Rachel is grossed out.








  1. Incomplete
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