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Chapter 153

Tenshinhan no Ketsui!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #1·2
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 13
Kanzenban: 11


Piccolo says there's forty-three districts in the world, and Piano brings him a little box. Today is May 9th, so, this is the day they'll celebrate his taking the throne. Every year on Piccolo Day, he'll celebrate by holding a lottery, and draw a number from this box, then fire a Bakuretsumakouhou on the corresponding district. Because he likes seeing the look of terror on humans' faces. Though, if you think Piccolo-sama is stingy and don't wanna wait forty-three years to die, you're free to come to King Castle and get shot with a missile anytime!

Tenshinhan is still watching, as Piccolo decides to do draw today's number, and Tenshinhan is real anxious to use Mafuuba now. Piccolo reaches down into the box, as even Sno and her parents watch from Jingle Village. And, the number he gets is District 29. Which is West City. Blooma freaks out, since Mom and Dad are there. So, she radios to Tenshinhan-san to use Mafuuba, and they'll gather the Dragon Balls to return him to life if he dies.

Tenshinhan tells her he's also been watching the TV, and he does plan to use Mafuuba, but the Dragon Balls have turned to stone. Blooma says that doesn't matter, they reactivate in a year, and so Tenshinhan tells her that Piccolo killed Shenlong. And, just in time, Tenshinhan is approaching King Castle. Yamcha says broken leg or not, he's also gonna do something. Tenshinhan flies past a tower, where Piccolo and Piano are boarding a little plane, and so Tenshinhan turns around and calls Piccolo out.

Piccolo realizes there's still another idiot left alive, as Gokuu continues heading towards the scene on his new Kintoun. Piccolo and Piano hop down to the ground, and Tenshinhan prepares to hop down from his plane as well. He thinks a better castle for Piccolo would be this Denshi Jar, but then he spots a crack in it. He can't contain Piccolo within a cracked Denshi Jar, so he leaves the Denshi Jar in the plane and hops down to attempt beating Piccolo the hard way.

Tenshinhan hops down, and Piccolo notes that he can also use Bukuujutsu. Tenshinhan says he's gonna win, and Piccolo thinks that's no way to talk to the king. Then Piccolo decides to make a new henchman, so that he, the king, won't have to dirty his hands. And Piccolo coughs up another egg, freaking Tenshinhan out. A big, fat, ogre-looking thing pops out, and Piccolo tells him his name is Drum. Tenshinhan thinks he can take out the both of them.








  1. Incomplete
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