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Chapter 158

孫悟空 最大の危機!!
Son Gokuu Saidai no Kiki!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #8
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 14
Kanzenban: 11


Piccolo kicks Gokuu, and Gokuu jumps up and punches Piccolo in the gut, then Piccolo elbows down on Gokuu's head. Gokuu does a mid-air roundhouse kick, then elbows Piccolo in the face, punches him in the gut, and finally kicks Piccolo off. Up inside one of the castle's buildings, The King and his two guards hear some noises outside. One guard dude says Piccolo's not at West City, and so The King looks out, and wonders who those other two are.

Piccolo shoots some eye lasers at Gokuu, with one hard direct hit to Gokuu's right knee. Piccolo laughs and says he can't possibly win with only one leg, but Gokuu insists one leg is plenty. Piccolo comes at Gokuu, and so Gokuu pulls out his bo, and makes it extend, shooting Gokuu up into the air so that he can elbow Piccolo in the face. One guard dude thinks they should let the world's future be decided by these kids, and The King reluctantly agrees, and they decide to escape.

Piccolo is pissed about this strange bo, as the little plane continues heading towards King Castle. Yamcha says they'll be there in ten minutes, and hopes Tenshinhan doesn't die. Blooma says West City still hasn't been destroyed, and cheers Tenshinhan-san on. A news reporter comes in on the little plane's TV, and says Piccolo's still at King Castle, with two people opposing him. They show an image from the long distance camera, too dangerous to get closer, and says it seems like one of them is a young man. It seems like the one fighting is a little boy, though it's really hard to tell.

Blooma wonders if the little boy isn't Son-kun, but Yamcha insists Gokuu's dead. Blooma says nobody saw him dead, and then reminds him of what Uranai Baba had said: "He's really such an amazing kid. Before long, he'll rescue the whole world." Yamcha realizes it must be Gokuu, and they all get excited as they continue towards the battle grounds. Speaking of which, Piccolo is really pissed, and he starts powering up for something. Then he shoots off a one finger blast from his right hand, missing, though a shot from his left hand breaks the Nyoi Bo in half. Piccolo says it's all over without that bo, and then fires off a huge blast, causing a big explosion.








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