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Chapter 159

Kouya no Daikakutou!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #9
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 14
Kanzenban: 11


The explosion continues, and Yamcha wonders why the TV's cut out in their plane. Blooma points out the mushroom cloud up ahead, coming from King Castle's direction. The King and his two guard dudes have just barely managed to escape in a little plane, and The King is upset about the town and King Castle. Piccolo stands in the newly-formed barren wasteland, and laughs about his victory. But then he freaks out, since he can still feel his ki.

Piccolo looks up and spots Tenshinhan in the air holding Gokuu, and gets pissed about that dude who knows Bukuujutsu still being here. Tenshinhan comes down to the ground, and Gokuu thanks him. But, Tenshinhan's really exhausted, and Gokuu asks Ten-san what's wrong. Piccolo realizes using Bukuujutsu just then must've taken the last of his power, and combined with Gokuu's injured leg, Piccolo thinks he has this won.

Piccolo starts powering up (for like the fifteenth time now), and says not to mess with his Bakurikimaha. This time, Gokuu's not gonna wait it out, and he rushes at Piccolo and hits him in the stomach. Piccolo is only affected for a short time, and Gokuu realizes he has less power with only one leg. Piccolo then launches his huge blast he was powering up for, I guess maybe his Bakurikimaha, and Gokuu shields himself to take it head on.

Big explosion, and Tenshinhan is down. There's a huge hole in the ground where Gokuu was, and Piccolo thinks it's over. "K-Kintoun...!" Kintoun whooshes over to the hole, and comes back up with Gokuu hanging from it. Piccolo can't believe it, and Gokuu says Piccolo must be losing his strength after all. Piccolo refuses to believe he, Piccolo Daimaou-sama, could be opposed by a mere human, and Gokuu says since he has a tail, he's probably not human. Gokuu says he's also lost most of his strength, so they'll just battle it out to the death. But Piccolo won't have that, and he reaches over and grabs Tenshinhan by the head. "Alright then, try moving!! I'll smash this guy's head!!"








  1. Incomplete
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