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Chapter 160

孫悟空 最後の賭け!!
Son Gokuu Saigo no Kake!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #10
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 14
Kanzenban: 11


GOKUU: Crap...!!!
PICCOLO: Even if you try moving just a little...! I can turn his head into dust in an instant!!
GOKUU: Damn...!
TENSHINHAN: S-Son... Don't worry about me... Just take him out...

Piccolo thinks he's said too much, and starts to squeeze Tenshinhan's head. Gokuu yells to stop, and says he'll do as he likes. Piccolo tells him not to move, then picks up a rock and blows it at Gokuu (yeah blow, with his mouth (shut up!)), disabling his left arm. Piccolo says that humanity's weakness is its generosity, and Gokuu hesitates, then insists that they'll kill him somehow or other, and Piccolo asks how. "Ten-san, forgive me! I'm gonna defeat Piccolo!!!"

Piccolo can't believe he'd just let him die, and Gokuu insists he'll return him to life with the Dragon Balls. Piccolo laughs and says how he got rid of Shenlong, and Gokuu can't believe it. Gokuu's at a loss again, and so Piccolo blows another rock at him, taking out his left leg, and knocking Gokuu down. Piccolo laughs at how Gokuu can't stand up right now, he's like a green caterpillar. Piccolo doesn't need Tenshinhan anymore, so he drops him to the ground. He'll take this one out later, but first he needs to take care of the brat.

Piccolo laughs at how Gokuu can't do anything, so it finally ends here. Piccolo flies high up into the air, and prepares to take out this person who's kept him from making this a world of darkness. Piccolo then dives down at Gokuu, but Gokuu says he's mistaken, he has one remaining arm. Gokuu charges up this arm, then points it down at the ground, and fires a Kamehameha down, projecting him into the air towards Piccolo. Gokuu's gonna put everything into this fist, as Piccolo prepares to fire a counter blast down at him.








  1. Incomplete
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