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Chapter 173

クリリン対マジュニア 勝負決す!!
Kuririn Tai Ma Junia Shoubu Kessu!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #23
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 15
Kanzenban: 12


Piccolo asks Kuririn if he's ready, but Kuririn says not quite. Piccolo says not to worry, he doesn't intend to kill him, then thinks to himself, "Not right now... You're also in the way of my world domination..." Piccolo pulls his arm back, then throws it out at Kuririn, with it stretching across the ring, and he grabs Kuririn's leg. Piccolo then retracts his arm, pulling Kuririn back towards him, then he punches Kuririn towards the back wall. (Very Scorpion-like maneuver!)

Kuririn kicks off the back wall, though, and comes flying at Piccolo with a punch. But Piccolo ducks it, and kicks Kuririn high into the air. Then Piccolo comes up after Kuririn, and Kuririn realizes this is his last chance. "Ka... me... ha... me..." Piccolo appears behind Kuririn, so Kuririn about faces and "Haaaaa!!!!" It's a hit, but then Kuririn realizes Piccolo's used Zanzouken.

Gokuu yells out at Kuririn to look behind him, and the real Piccolo hammers Kuririn down towards the ring before Kuririn can react. Kuririn hits the ring hard, and Piccolo touches down. Kuririn slowly makes his way up again, freaking Piccolo out. But, Kuririn just falls down again, and laughs and concedes. "Oh, Kuririn-senshu gives in...!! He's given in!! It's Ma Junior-senshu's victory!! Even having lost, Kuririn-senshu showed us an incredible, truly incredible match!!!" Gokuu helps Kuririn to the back as everyone cheers for him.








  1. Incomplete
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