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Chapter 174

Yamucha Tai Shen

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #24
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 15
Kanzenban: 12


Now, it's time for the fourth match, and Shen nervously heads out to the ring. Kuririn tells Yamcha-san he's lucky, and then Yamcha heads out to the ring, thinking this'll be quick. Shen tells Yamcha to be careful with him, and so Yamcha (jokingly) tells Shen it's should be the other way around. Yajirobe, out in the audience, thinks how this Yamcha dude is Son's friend, and he's gonna lose pitifully. Gokuu thinks there's something up with this Shen dude as well.

"Well then, please begin the fourth match!!" Yamcha (who isn't taking this seriously at all) tells Shen to come on, and Shen (who's in a nervous/jolly mood) says he's gonna attack him. Shen starts flailing his arms, then runs at Yamcha like a goof, and Yamcha ducks his swipe. Then Shen trips and falls over, accidentally kicking Yamcha in the gut. Yamcha laughs nervously about that accident, and Shen nervously says that was a shame. Yamcha gets pissed and thinks how it was a shame for ME (Yamcha, not Rachel), and he wants to end this quickly.

Yamcha, who's stopped being serious again, says he's gonna attack now, so please get ready. Shen takes a goofy stance, and Yamcha thinks he'll just knock him outta the ring. Yamcha jumps at him with a kick, but Shen quickly ducks, and Yamcha ends up hitting his crotch on the back of Shen's head. Yamcha falls to the ground clutching his balls as the audience cracks up with laughter, with Blooma being really embarrassed.

Yamcha is really pissed now, as Shen nervously apologizes. Shen then says he'll win either way, but this way was no fun. Yamcha asks if he really thinks he can beat him, and Shen says he does. Yamcha says he'll get serious as well, and Shen says he'll go now. Shen then hits Yamcha with an elbow, then starts lecturing Yamcha about movements and stuff once he gets up. Yajirobe knew he wasn't ordinary. Yamcha says some stuff, and then gets serious and comes at Shen. But Shen blocks all of his punches, then kicks Yamcha off his feet.








  1. Incomplete
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