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Chapter 177


Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #27
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 15
Kanzenban: 12


Tenshinhan is impressed with Son's progress, and but says he'll win this match with speed. He comes at Gokuu, and vanishes, then Gokuu vanishes as well. They're up in the air, and Gokuu is frantically kicking at Tenshinhan (Tenshinhan is not in view). Tenshinhan then comes back into view, and compliments Gokuu's eyes, and asks what happens when he can't see him with his eyes. Tenshinhan then gets above Gokuu and elbows him down towards the ring.

Gokuu lands safely, and flips backwards, elbowing a Tenshinhan afterimage. Gokuu prepares to move again, but then Tenshinhan comes back into view and kicks Gokuu outta the ring. But Gokuu spins like a tornado back into the ring, and then he compliments Tenshinhan's speed. Tenshinhan says with his speed, he's sure to win, and Gokuu asks for a minute to change his clothes.

Gokuu pulls down his top, and then takes off his undershirt and throws it to the ground, with a big thud. Tenshinhan picks up his shirt, and sees that it's really heavy. Gokuu explains that the weighted clothing was part of Kami-sama's training. Even with Kamesennin Grandpa he wore heavy turtle shells. Tenshinhan then sees his shoes and wrist guards were all heavy, too.

Kuririn and Yamcha come in the ring to take Gokuu's shoes and stuff backstage, and freak out when they notices how heavy they are. Tenshinhan says altogether that stuff's more than a hundred kilograms, and Announcer and the audience freak out. Gokuu then jumps up and down, feeling light now, and so they'll get back to the fight. Tenshinhan rushes at Gokuu, and Gokuu vanishes, but then Tenshinhan spots him and comes at him with an elbow, but Gokuu blocks it. They stop, and Tenshinhan thinks Gokuu's speed wasn't much after all. But then Gokuu shows he has Tenshinhan's obi (sash thing he wears around his waste), and Tenshinhan's pants fall down. o_O








  1. Incomplete
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