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Chapter 176

Son Gokuu Baasesu Tenshinhan

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #26
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 15
Kanzenban: 12


And now the best four have progressed to the semifinals. Tenshinhan, Son Gokuu, Piccolo, and Shen. The first semifinal match is between the two finalists from last time, with Tenshinhan being the winner. Gokuu asks Tenshinhan if they should jump in the ring, and he says of course. So, they each hop out to the ring in a cool little flip, and then stare each other down. Tenshinhan wants Gokuu to show him the fruits of Kami-sama's training, and Announcer calls for the match to begin.

The two of them come at each other, and Gokuu blocks an elbow with his knee. Tenshinhan strikes at Gokuu a few times, but Gokuu backflips outta the way, then jumps up into the air. Tenshinhan fires a blast up at him, so Gokuu knocks it back down his way, and then Tenshinhan swats it aside and continues coming up towards Gokuu. Tenshinhan and Gokuu strike at each other mid-air, and keep doing so as they fall back towards the ground.

Then they break once they reach roof level, and kick off the ground once they land. The two of them continue the fight at a level too quickly for the spectators (and Rachel) to see, though Piccolo, Kuririn, and Yamcha can keep up just fine. Then Gokuu and Tenshinhan come back into view, and rush at each other with their hands out. Their hands clasp, and so they're locked in a test of strength. Gokuu wins it by leaning back and kicking Tenshinhan into the air.

Tenshinhan comes back down in a flash, and rushes at Gokuu, but Gokuu just barely jumps over it. Tenshinhan comes after Gokuu, behind him, and then swipes at Gokuu, only to hit an afterimage. The real Gokuu is behind him, and then they smirk at each other, with Tenshinhan a bit outta breath. Announcer thinks they're even 50-50, but Kamesennin correctly notes that Gokuu is not a bit outta breath.








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