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Chapter 200

Katsute Nai Kyoufu

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #50
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 17
Kanzenban: 14


Piccolo and Gokuu each think about how strong these Saiyans are, and Gokuu's pretty excited about fighting such a strong opponent. Gokuu asks where his son is, and so Raditz says he's in the hole behind them, he put the brat in there because he was so noisy. Gokuu flies up and looks down into the crater, and tells Gohan to wait up, Daddy'll save him. Raditz smugly laughs and says they'll die before that happens, and then Gokuu and Piccolo rush at him and repeatedly strike. They each get behind him, but Raditz back kicks both of them, then flies forward.

Gokuu and Piccolo each charge after him, and Raditz gets in the air above both of them, so they follow him into the sky. Raditz then fires a blast from each hand down towards the two of them, and both Gokuu and Piccolo just barely manage to dodge them. Well, Piccolo's left arm doesn't exactly get off scott-free. Gokuu lands, and then Raditz appears behind him and kicks him in the back, sending him flying. Raditz is not impressed at all, and Gokuu asks Piccolo if he's okay. He notices Piccolo's left arm is now nothing but a bloody stump, and Piccolo starts talking about a new technique of his.








  1. Incomplete
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