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Chapter 201

Pikkoro no Kirifuda

Weekly Jump Issue: 1988 #51
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 17
Kanzenban: 14


Raditz laughs about them thinking up some scheme, while Gokuu asks Piccolo if can he really does have a new technique (and can he do it with just the one arm). Piccolo says it'll be okay, but Gokuu'll have to hold off Raditz while he gathers the ki for it. Piccolo tells Gokuu how he'll use this technique on him after Raditz, and it makes Gokuu laugh. Raditz wonders why they're laughing, and then Gokuu charges at him. Piccolo announces Makankousappou and puts his forefinger and middle finger together against his forehead to charge up, as Gokuu begins punching at Raditz. But then Raditz turns things around and gets in a few good hits before kicking Gokuu off into the distance.

Gokuu catches himself and heads up into the air, and prepares a Kamehameha. Raditz freaks out as his eye thing says Gokuu's Battle Power has gone up to 924. Raditz realizes he's able to focus his Battle Power to make it rise. And then Raditz turns away to notice that the other one (Piccolo) is going up to 1020...30... He can't believe this, and just then, Gokuu fires the Kamehameha down at him. Raditz just barely manages to avoid it, but then Gokuu diverts it to follow him! Then Raditz stops and puts his hands out and stands to catch it.

When the blast clears, Gokuu can't believe Raditz is still okay. Then Raditz swipes his arm, and it sends a shockwave or something up at Gokuu. Gokuu falls to the ground looking pretty messed up (his shirt is almost completely torn off), and as Raditz prepares to attack him while he's down, Piccolo is done charging up. Raditz freaks out, because now he's at 1330, and it's all in his fingertips; these dudes are able to freely manipulate their power. And then Piccolo fires his Makankousappou off. It's a sharp, thin little blast with a bunch of coils around it.








  1. Incomplete
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