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Chapter 211

界王さまと、がんばる死人 孫悟空!
Kaiousama to, Ganbaru Shinin Son Gokuu!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #11
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 18
Kanzenban: 15


Kaiou-sama says they'll begin training, and asks how long he plans on doing it. Gokuu doesn't know how long he ran down Snake Road for, but he knows he ain't got much time left. He explains about the two Saiyans coming to his planet, and he wants to train in the short interval until then. Kaiou-sama decides to check how long it'll be before the Saiyans reach Earth: 158 days. Gokuu's impressed with the ability, but worried about the short time. Kaiou-sama tells him 158 days is plenty of time. 158 days of training here would be worth thousands of years of Earth training.

Kaiou-sama says that even still, those two Saiyans possess fierce strength. They're even stronger than him, in fact. Gokuu freaks out, but Kaiou-sama tells him everything will be okay if he surpasses him. Then Kaiou-sama then wants to start, and so he calls for Bubbles-kun. First Gokuu needs to conquer the gravity on this planet, and he'll have proven himself once he can catch Bubbles.

Bubbles starts running around, and then Gokuu stomps along to follow. Then Gokuu decides to take off his weighted undershirt, and the wristbands and boots. Now he can run much quicker, and Kaiou-sama notes he's already training with weighted equipment. Gokuu nearly catches up to Bubbles, and so Bubbles picks up the pace. Gokuu can't believe this, and then asks Kaiou-sama if he can't have some food. He hasn't eaten in half a year. Kaiou-sama decides to feed him, and says it's rare that a dead person would get hungry. (You can kill Gokuu, but not his appetite. ^_^)

Gokuu then empties a few bowls until he gets full, and asks Kaiou-sama something about this small planet. Then Kaiou-sama tells him to get back after Bubbles, and put his weighted clothing back on. Gokuu says that'll be so much harder, but Kaiou-sama explains that the Saiyan planet had the same gravity as this planet. And, the Saiyans were born with a "fighting sense", but Gokuu says it's okay, because he's also a Saiyan.

Meanwhile, it's night out on Earth, and Gohan's all beaten up. Piccolo says he's cured his being a crybaby. Gohan asks Piccolo-san if he's ever fought Father, and Piccolo says their fight's not over. After the Saiyans, his father's next. Gohan says Father said the reborn Piccolo-san wasn't bad, and Gohan agrees. But Mother and Grandfather are still scared of him. Piccolo gets pissed and then yells at him to go to sleep.

And after forty days... Gokuu finally catches Bubbles, and Kaiou-sama is impressed. He gets excited and thinks Gokuu will be able to master his sure-to-kill technique, Kaiouken, in the next 118 days. Kaiou-sama gets fired up and tells Gokuu it's time to start the rough training. He'll become the best in the universe, the best in the heavens! It'll be good for both the heart and the body! But, first it's time for tea, and Gokuu falls over. Way over at God's Palace, Kami-sama tells the five humans they've all become really strong, and there's nothing more they can learn here. And they're all wearing weighted clothes now, too. Piccolo continues training Gohan, and Kaiou-sama trains Gokuu. "And, the time of the decisive battle has drawn near...!"








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