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Chapter 212

Saiyajin Semaru!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #12
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 18
Kanzenban: 15


The two Saiyan space pods continue their trek towards Earth. And Gokuu has his hands in the air, and now they're charged up or something. Kaiou-sama then throws a huge brick at him, and then directs it at super speed around Gokuu. Then Gokuu times it just right and fires a little blast at it and blows it up. Kaiou-sama is impressed, and says he didn't think Gokuu could handle the Genkidama. Then Kaiou-sama begins explaining more about this Genkidama technique, how it gathers energy from everything, and says how he can make a much bigger and more destructive one on Earth. But he should use this power to protect.

Gokuu understands it all, and says he'll probably only use Kaiouken. Kaiou-sama says that tomorrow the Saiyans arrive on Earth, and then freaks out. He forgot to factor in the time it would take Gokuu to travel back down Snake Road. Gokuu can't believe this, and thinks it'll be another six months, but Kaiou-sama says it would take two days as he is now. Which is still one day over, and Gokuu thinks everyone'll get killed.

Kaiou-sama yells at him to stop jabbering and tell his friends to return him to life with those Dragon Ball things. Gokuu asks how, and Kaiou-sama says to put one hand on his back and speak from the center of his heart. "Grandpa... Kamesennin Grandpa... It's Gokuu. Can you hear my voice?" Kamesennin happens to be currently on the toilet reading the paper. Gokuu explains that he's talking to him from That World, and then gets down to business and tells him to gather all the Dragon Balls. Already done. Gokuu then says they need to summon Shenlong right away, because the Saiyans are coming tomorrow.

Kamesennin freaks out and says he'd thought there was another month left, and Gokuu asks him to just please hurry. Out in the other room, Oolong says how Kamesennin's talking to himself on the toilet, and Blooma thinks he's gone crazy. Then he stumbles out of the bathroom with his pants around his waist and tells them to get the Dragon Balls ready. Then Gokuu prepares to leave, and Kaiou-sama decides to fix his tattered clothes. Gokuu thinks it feels really light, but Kaiou-sama says it's durable. Gokuu's glad to see he left the Kame mark, and is glad to not have an outfit like Kaiou-sama's. Kaiou-sama says the back is the most fashionable part. (Gokuu unknowingly has the Kaiou logo on his back.)

"Now, speak thy wish. Any wish, but only one, and I shall grant it." Oolong asks Shenlong if he can't take out the Saiyans and rescue the Earth. Blooma yells at him about wishing back Son-kun, and Oolong says they could just wish him back next time. Shenlong says he can't do it anyway. "I was born from Kami. Therefore, I cannot grant a wish that exceeds Kami's power." Kamesennin then asks to return Son Gokuu to life, and Shenlong says it's simple.

Gohan notices the sky has suddenly become black, and Piccolo realizes Son Gokuu is being revived. Then he wonders if the Saiyans aren't coming early. And then Gokuu's halo disappears! Kaiou-sama tells him not to be careless now that he's returned to life, and Gokuu says he knows you can only be revived once by the Dragon Balls. Gokuu then thanks him, and says they'll meet again the next time he dies. Then Gokuu jumps back down to Snake Road. Kaiou-sama thinks of how great Gokuu is, except for his sense of humor. Gokuu then hurries along Snake Road, even flying this time. "And the next day at 11:43 AM, the two Saiyans finally storm upon the Earth!!!!" The two space pods crash down in a city.








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