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Chapter 219


Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #19
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 19
Kanzenban: 15


Piccolo thinks Nappa must be invincible, and Kuririn can't believe even Tenshinhan has died. Kuririn then screams for Gokuu to hurry (again/repeat panel), and Vegeta wonders who this "Gokuu" is. Nappa wants to attack the three remaining good guys, except for Piccolo, because they need information. Kuririn says he's lucky, but Piccolo tells him the Saiyans plan to kill all of them anyway. He and Kuririn then think of how outclassed they are.

Up at God's Palace, Kami-sama is hoping for Son Gokuu to hurry, as his own death is near. He tells Mr. Popo he knows Piccolo will be killed. Back on the battlefield, Piccolo suggests to Kuririn they move down to the ground, and Nappa tells them the results will be the same either way. They both touch ground, and then Nappa dives down towards them. But then Vegeta suddenly yells at Nappa to wait. Vegeta then asks them if this "Son Gokuu" person is supposed to be Cacarrot. Vegeta thinks they're screwed if they're relying on him, but Kuririn yells at him how Gokuu's gotten much stronger now.

Nappa yells at them that he ain't coming, but Gohan insists that Father will come. Vegeta notes how trusting they are, and decides it could be fun to wait for him to show up. Nappa gets pissed, but Vegeta says they'll only wait three hours, no more. Nappa really wants to finish them now, and Vegeta screams at him to do as he says. Then Vegeta says they should be grateful for getting to live a bit longer.

Gohan apologizes for being scared, and Piccolo tells him to go away, they have no use for cowards. Then Piccolo thinks of how the big dude was scared of the little dude, and wonders what kind of incredible power the little dude must have. Nappa then asks Vegeta why he's doing this. Vegeta explains to him that Cacarrot is a traitor, and he wants to punish the traitor by killing his friend and his son right before his eyes. It'll be a splendid "hell show" in three or four hours.

Nappa asks if he can't be the one to take care of those three, and Vegeta says he can, so long as the Nameckian lives. Kuririn wonders what's taking Gokuu so long, and suggests they run away. But Piccolo says they'll just wipe out the population. Kuririn begs Gokuu to hurry, as he continues racing down Snake Road, and Kami-sama continues waiting. And, the three hours passed, but Gokuu still hasn't come.








  1. Incomplete
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