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Chapter 220

Wazuka na Hikari

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #20
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 19
Kanzenban: 15


Vegeta takes off his Scouter and says three hours have passed, and that coward Cacarrot still isn't here. Gohan yells at him that Father isn't a coward, and Kuririn wonders why he hasn't come. Nappa, who's taken off his outer armor, is ready to knock them around, but is disappointed that Cacarrot won't get to see. Kuririn thinks they'll all die now, and Piccolo says there's a slight chance they can win, if things go smoothly. Piccolo says the plan will be for Kuririn to distract Nappa, and then he'll grab his tail. And then Gohan will have to put all of his power into an attack. Kuririn thinks this is a good plan, and they may actually win.

Kami-sama suddenly feels Son Gokuu's ki, meaning he's made it. Kami-sama then teleports away, as Gokuu is at the end of Snake Road. Gokuu rushes into Enmadaiou-sama's office, and then Kami-sama grabs him and they teleport back to God's Palace. He and Mister Popo then wish Gokuu luck, and he jumps off the side of the palace and dives towards the Earth. He makes his way down towards the top of Karin Tower, and Karin-sama throws him his last two Senzu. Gokuu eats one to restore all the energy he's lost traveling down Snake Road, and then yells for Kintoun just before he hits the ground. Then they zoom off towards the battlefield.

Kuririn then starts it off and rushes at Nappa, and Vegeta realizes they must have a plan. Just as Kuririn gets close, he blasts the ground and projects himself into the air. Nappa wonders what he's doing, and Piccolo takes the opportunity to run in from behind and grab his tail. Gohan then heads in to make his move, but Nappa just elbows Piccolo on the head and knocks him out. Vegeta laughs at how they'd think they wouldn't train their tails.








  1. Incomplete
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