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Chapter 222

孫悟空 大接近!!
Son Gokuu Daisekkin!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #22
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 19
Kanzenban: 15


Piccolo yells how it's definitely Son Gokuu, and Gohan gets excited about Father coming. Nappa asks where Cacarrot is, and Vegeta picks up his Scouter again and decides to find out. Gokuu continues zooming along on Kintoun, and says he feels two huge ki, two even huger ki, and one small ki. That figure is wrong, so he wonders who's dead, and asks Kintoun to speed up. Vegeta's eyes then widen, and he tells Nappa that Cacarrot will be here in four minutes. And he has a Battle Power of 5000. Vegeta thinks of how if these ones here were able to change their figure so much, then Cacarrot must be able to make his change that much too.

Vegeta yells at Nappa to kill them all, and Nappa asks what of the Dragon Balls. Vegeta says he figures that at the Nameckian's home world, Planet Nameck, they probably have even stronger Dragon Balls. Since Cacarrot's returned to life, the legend must be true. "Piccolo-san, run away!!! I'll hold him off until Father comes!! Because if Piccolo-san dies, Kami-sama also dies, and the Dragon Balls will...!!!"

Piccolo thinks Gohan can't hold him off by himself, and Kuririn can't even move. "Hold me off, you say...? You're making me laugh, brat!!!!" Nappa charges towards Gohan, but then Gohan gets pissed and kicks Nappa in the face, sending him flying into a random mountain thing. Nappa gets right back out from the rubble, all busted up, and seriously pissed. He then charges up, and launches an explosive blast at Gohan. Gohan can't get away in time, but Piccolo suddenly runs in and stands in front of him.








  1. Incomplete
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