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Chapter 223

Pikkoro to Gohan

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #23
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 19
Kanzenban: 15


Nappa laughs about his attack, but is surprised to see he hit Piccolo with it instead. The busted up Piccolo weakly tells Gohan to run away, and then falls to the ground. Gohan asks why he saved him, and he just says to run away again. Gohan cries at him not to die, and Nappa laughs at him taking his turn to die early. Gokuu continues zooming along on Kintoun, and he feels one ki rapidly getting smaller, so he wonders who's dying. Up at God's Palace, Kami-sama is fading away. He says Gokuu didn't make it in time, but he's at least glad that Piccolo died like that.

Piccolo laughs about how bad it is that Piccolo Daimaou has protected a brat. Then he says how Gohan is the only one who's ever really talked to him. "All these months with you...weren't so bad... Don't...die...Go...han..." Gokuu then feels his ki disappear, as Kami-sama also bids farewell to Mister Popo. Back on the battlefield, Gohan starts crying, but also gets really angry in the process. Then he puts his hands over his head and screams, "Masenkou!!!!" Vegeta gets a 2800 reading on his Scouter from him, and can't believe how much they can change their Battle Power.

Gohan fires his Masenkou, which looks similar to a Kamehameha, right at Nappa, but Nappa manages to swat it away. Nappa says that he hurt his arm on that, and Vegeta says his Battle Power has gone down now. Kuririn thinks they're just too strong. Gohan apologizes to Piccolo-san about not being able to get revenge, and now he doesn't even have the strength to run away. Kuririn still can't really move at all, as Nappa walks over to just step on Gohan with his big foot.

Nappa's foot just crushes the ground, and so he looks over and finds Gohan sitting on Kintoun. Gohan himself is surprised to see Kintoun. Vegeta then looks up into the sky, and Gohan and Kuririn both get excited. "So you've finally appeared!!" says Vegeta as Gokuu touches the ground.








  1. Incomplete
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