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Chapter 225

ナッパ 手も足も出ず!!
Nappa Te mo Ashi mo Dezu!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #25
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 19
Kanzenban: 16


Nappa is pissed now, and Gokuu tells him, "You ain't in my league." Kuririn and Gohan watch from a safe distance and wonder about this, and Vegeta notes that his Battle Power is completely different from when he fought Raditz. Nappa intends to prove him wrong, and so he powers up and rushes at Gokuu. But Gokuu easily dodges all of his punches and kicks, and then finally ends up a distance away. Neither Kuririn nor Gohan can follow Gokuu's movements, and Vegeta wonders how Cacarrot's gotten so much stronger.

Gokuu rushes towards Nappa, and then stands on his head. Nappa tries to put his hands above his head and crush him, but Gokuu ends up in front of him, and punches him in the stomach. "That one was for Chaozu!" Nappa tries to kick him, but Gokuu ducks it and punches him again, sending him flying. "For Yamcha!!!" Nappa catches himself mid-air before he hits a random mountain thing, and throws one of those explosive blasts down towards Gokuu. Gokuu nulls it with a mere kiai, and then heads up into the air and knocks Nappa towards the ground. "This is for Tenshinhan!!"

Gokuu dives down after him, and flies at him with a kick. "For Piccolo!!" Nappa busts into a random mountain thing, but flies out soon afterwards, really pissed. Nappa screams about how he's an elite senshi and Gokuu is a low-class senshi, as Kuririn and Gohan get excited at Gokuu's strength. Vegeta then yells at Nappa to calm down and think clearly, and so Nappa does and thanks him for the tip. Vegeta thinks of what an idiot Nappa is, and thinks his turn has finally come.








  1. Incomplete
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