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Chapter 226

Kaiouken no Nazo

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #26
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 19
Kanzenban: 16


Nappa says Cacarrot made his head bleed, and asks him if he's ready. Gokuu says something, and Nappa says he's bluffing. Though Vegeta thinks otherwise. Nappa starts powering up, and then he lifts his hand and causes the ground below Gokuu to explode. Gokuu manages to fly out of it, but Nappa spots him and flies after. Nappa punches at Gokuu, but Gokuu blocks it and kicks him in the face. The two exchange a few blows, and then they break.

Gokuu tells Nappa he's gotten a lot better, and this just makes Nappa laugh and threaten to end this. Nappa fires a huge blast from his mouth at Gokuu, and just before it hits, Gokuu blasts it away with a Kamehameha. Big explosion when the two blasts connect. Vegeta's shocked that he blocked it in such a brief instant, and Nappa can't believe this, as that was his best technique. Gokuu says he's a pretty tough bastard.

Vegeta yells at Nappa that he's done enough, now he'll take over. Kuririn and Gohan think of how he'll finally show himself, and wonder what kind of power he has if even the huge dude is scared of him. Nappa says how Vegeta will punish him now; the genius fighter who was named after Planet Vegeta. Nappa says he'll allow Vegeta to take care of him, and then looks down towards Kuririn and Gohan. Nappa dives down towards them, but Gokuu isn't in time.

"Kaiouken!!!!!" Gokuu suddenly speeds up and hits Nappa in the back, then he stands on the ground and catches Nappa. Gokuu holds him over his head with one hand, and then throws him to the ground right in front of Vegeta. Gokuu says he can't fight anymore, and tells Vegeta to take him and leave the Earth. Vegeta thinks, "What was that just now... In just an instant his speed and power suddenly grew!!"








  1. Incomplete
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