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Chapter 229

Tenkawakeme no Choukessen!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #29
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 20
Kanzenban: 16


Vegeta thinks Gokuu's getting serious now, upping his Battle Power. Gokuu is really excited in standing up to this predicament, probably because of the battle-loving Saiyan blood flowing within him. Vegeta thinks that's Gokuu's limit, and wants to give him a dying present -- the overwhelming power of a super elite Saiyan! Vegeta then begins to power up, and the whole Earth shakes, and dark clouds swirl overhead. Things get really messy, and Gokuu says it's like a typhoon. But then Vegeta stops, and the weather calms down, and the clouds disappear. "I'm done...Cacarrot...!!!!"

Both mid-air, Vegeta rushes at Gokuu with a headbutt, and then elbows him in the stomach down towards the ground. Gokuu just barely catches himself, but then Vegeta kicks him from behind towards a random mountain thing. Gokuu hops to the top of it instead of crashing, and spots Vegeta up in the air above him. Vegeta fires an explosive blast down towards Gokuu, and so Gokuu screams, "Kaiouken times two!!!!!" Gokuu flies up out of the way, and there's a huge explosion where he had been.

Vegeta smirks and fires another explosive blast up at Gokuu, and Gokuu only just barely dodges it. The blast managed to tear most off the right half of Gokuu's shirt, though. Gokuu then lands, and curses Vegeta's speed and power. Even 2x Kaiouken wasn't enough. But, oh well, he'll just up it to 3x Kaiouken, he says as he takes off the remains of his shirt. Vegeta doesn't seem to think it will do him any good, as Yajirobe (!!) watches from behind a random mountain thing.








  1. Incomplete
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