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Chapter 230

Abunai Sanbai Kaiouken!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #30
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 20
Kanzenban: 16


Gokuu thinks about the risks of 3x Kaiouken on his body, and Vegeta yells at him to come on. Gokuu thinks that he'd just lose anyway if he doesn't use it, as Vegeta goes on about how he was number one among the Saiyans. Yajirobe thinks he should run away, as Vegeta perks up, noticing Cacarrot now powering up. "Body, hold together!! Kaiouken times three!!!!!" Far away on his little planet, Kaiou-sama begins worrying about him using more than 2x, and can't believe the situation.

All of the "civilians" are at Kame House now, and Blooma is apparently checking on the battle with Raditz's Scouter. It's going off like crazy; 17,000...19,000...21,000... And then it blows up! Now Gokuu is the one doing all the crazy weather stuff, and Vegeta freaks out. Gokuu flies over towards Vegeta and punches him in the face, sending him flying. Then Gokuu zooms down below the falling Vegeta, and flies straight up to attack him, but Vegeta then catches himself and prepares for the attack.

Gokuu makes a 90° turn right in front of Vegeta, and so Vegeta frantically tries to turn and throw a blast at him. But Gokuu zooms outta the way and then kicks Vegeta straight through some random mountain things. Vegeta busts out of the rubble, screaming like a madman, and then Gokuu flies at him. Vegeta frantically tries to punch him, but Gokuu easily avoids it by jumping over him. Then Gokuu flies back at Vegeta from behind, and knees him in the back, sending Vegeta into the air. But Vegeta comes down and then charges at Gokuu, but Gokuu ducks it then punches him hard in the gut. Vegeta bends over, coughing up blood, and Gokuu also powers down from Kaiouken. Vegeta can't believe Cacarrot's surpassed his Battle Power, and Gokuu thinks Vegeta's a really tough dude. Yajirobe thinks Gokuu might win this.








  1. Incomplete
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