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Chapter 237

Mou Ichido Genkidama!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #37
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 20
Kanzenban: 16


Gohan and Vegeta continue fighting, and Kuririn asks Gokuu what he's talking about. Gokuu explains how it's the Genkidama, which little by little gathers ki from the Earth. About half of it is gone, but what remains should still be enough to defeat that dude. Gokuu then tells Kuririn to grasp his hand. Kuririn has no idea what's going on, and Gokuu yells at him to hurry up before Gohan dies. Vegeta then kicks Gohan and sends him flying. Kuririn takes Gokuu's hand, and Gokuu grunts in pain. Kuririn says his bones are broken, but Gokuu tells him to hold on nevertheless.

Gokuu's hand starts to glow, and then suddenly Kuririn's does instead. Kuririn freaks out and thinks this is amazing, and Gokuu tells him to concentrate and he can make it into a ball. Vegeta knocks Gohan towards the ground, and Gohan catches himself from landing hard. Gohan wishes Kuririn luck, since Gohan can't really control his ki. Poof! A ball pops out of Kuririn's hand, the Genkidama. Vegeta gets pissed and flies at Gohan with an elbow to the face.

Gokuu asks Kuririn to please hit Vegeta with that, as he can't make another Genkidama, and Kuririn promises to try. Gohan gets up, and can't believe how strong he is, as Kuririn flies up to the top of a random mountain thing with the Genkidama. Vegeta charges at Gohan, and launches a blast his way. Gohan just barely dodges it, and fires off what I think is a Masenkou. Vegeta prepares to take it head on, but actually dodges it at the last second.

Kuririn is pissed that he can't launch the Genkidama, but someone telepathically tells him not to aim with his eyes, but to feel the evil ki and fire at that. "I'm the person who taught Son Gokuu the Genkidama, Kaiou." Kaiou-sama tells Kuririn that everything rests on that Genkidama, and it's full of the Earth's wishes. Vegeta approaches Gohan again, as Kuririn prepares to launch the Genkidama. Vegeta puts both hands at his side, and then repeatedly fires off blasts from each of them over at Gohan.

Gohan just barely avoids all of this, being blown back a bit by the explosions of each. Kuririn continues to try to concentrate, as Yajirobe spots Kuririn up atop the random mountain thing holding the Genkidama. The blasts stop, and Gohan is down. Vegeta then rushes at him, telling Cacarrot to watch as he finishes off his son. Kuririn suddenly feels it, but then Yajirobe yells up at him, "What the hell are you doing, dumbass!!! Hurry up and do it!!!!" Vegeta hears him and stops, just as Kuririn launches it. And Vegeta attempts to dodge it at the last second...








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