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Chapter 238

Genkidama no Yukue!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #38
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 20
Kanzenban: 16


Vegeta jumps over the Genkidama, and everyone freaks out. Instead it heads towards Gohan, but Gokuu suddenly telepathically tells Gohan to deflect it. A person without evil ki should be able to deflect it. Gohan then puts his hands out, and the Genkidama bounces up towards Vegeta. Direct hit. And what a hit! There's all kinds of sparks and stuff flying around, and a big explosion and everything, blasting Vegeta way up into the air. Vegeta appears to be done for, and everyone celebrates, or is at least relieved.

Kuririn and Gohan head over towards Gokuu, and they all chatter a bit. But then Vegeta suddenly drops down from the sky and lands not too far from them. Kuririn walks over towards him, surprised his corpse is still so intact, and wonders if he shouldn't at least make him a grave. "Your graves!?" Everyone freaks out as Vegeta stands back up (pretty busted up, though), and he threatens to take care of all of them now. First he backhands Kuririn and sends him flying, then declares that he'll destroy this whole planet.








  1. Incomplete
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