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Chapter 241

Son Gokuu no Tanomi...

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #41
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 21
Kanzenban: 17


Blooma is flying a little plane thing, with Kamesennin, Chichi, and Karin-sama in tow. Karin-sama says it's a little more to the left, Gokuu and everyone are below that light up ahead. Chichi starts choking Karin-sama and saying Gohan-chan's alive, and Karin-sama says probably. Chichi gets pissed at the probably, and Kamesennin says he's worried about four, no, five ki, and the rest are all really faint. Karin-sama says even the Saiyan is on the verge of death, though.

Vegeta's space pod arrives at the battlefield and then lands a few feet from Vegeta. Vegeta struggles to crawl over to it, and then Kuririn notices that's his spaceship and starts to get up. Kuririn then spots Yajirobe's sword, and creeps over towards Vegeta with it. Kaiou-sama seems pleased with the events, because of all the wrongs this Saiyan has done, but he cryptically says that this isn't the root of the evil... Vegeta makes it over to his ship, and Kuririn comes up from behind with the sword. "This is revenge for everyone you've killed...!!" Kuririn prepares to strike, but then someone yells, "Please wait!!!!"

It was Gokuu, and he spoke it directly to Kuririn's heart. Kuririn wonders aloud what's going on, and Gokuu explains that he can't speak loudly. Then he asks Kuririn to please let Vegeta go, as his one request. Kuririn objects, since he's killed their friends, and planned on killing everyone in the world. Kuririn believes he's sure to return once he's recovered, and Gokuu says "probably". Kuririn tells him it's a big mistake if he thinks this dude'll have a change of heart like Piccolo did. Gokuu knows he's incredibly strong, but it's too good for him if he dies right now. Gokuu had planned to take this fight to the limits when he was training with Kaiou-sama, but Vegeta turned out to be much greater than him. Gokuu also believes that somewhere in his heart is some good, like with Piccolo. And Gokuu supposes this forgiveness thing is a bad habit, since he's also a Saiyan.

Gokuu insists that next time he'll definitely surpass Vegeta and defeat him. "I know it's a mistake, but please...! For me, and me alone, please allow this...!!" Kuririn bows his head, and then slowly drops Yajirobe's sword. Then he perks up and says how the Earth sort of owes Gokuu this request after all the things he's done, and he tells Gokuu to kick his ass next time. Vegeta, now fully in his ship, tells them to be prepared, as there won't be a miracle next time. Then he blasts off. Kuririn walks over and picks up Gohan, who's still passed out. And Yajirobe gathers himself together and says, "That dumbass... Why didn't he finish him off...!" Gokuu apologizes to Kuririn, but he says it's nothing, and brings up that they might be able to bring everyone back to life, as the little plane thing arrives and starts to land.








  1. Incomplete
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