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Chapter 245

Namekkusei Iki Hasshin!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #45
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 21
Kanzenban: 17


Back in the hospital room, Blooma says they can go to Planet Nameck in only one month. She just needs to remodel it a bit, then it can take off in five days. Kuririn is excited, and Karin-sama says it seems there's a small light of hope. Blooma says something to Popo-san about him going to Planet Nameck, but he says he's not going. Blooma can't believe this, as he's the only one who can speak Nameck. Popo insists he can't leave Kami-sama's palace alone for two months time, and offers to teach her Nameck. Kuririn says Blooma-san needs to go because of her great knowledge of mechanics and stuff, and she says okay, but it'll be dangerous. (She'll have to make a shower room and a bed and a stereo...)

Blooma insists she can't go by herself, though. Yajirobe says he'd go, but he can't, and Karin-sama says nobody'd wanna go with him anyway. Kamesennin thinks about the two month roundtrip, and says there's no way around it, he'll have to go. Blooma yells at him that that would be too dangerous. Since Son-kun's in bad condition, she tells Kuririn-kun to come. Kuririn doubts he'd be much use if they bump into the Saiyan again. Gokuu wants to go too, but he can't right now. Gokuu thinks it would be better if they both went, though. Gohan then asks to please take him, and Chichi thinks he must be joking.

Gohan insists it isn't a joke, and says how he wants to wish back Piccolo-san. Gokuu thinks he said it well. Chichi then starts yelling at him, about how she's already spent one year worrying about him, and she doesn't want another two months. And he'll fall way behind the other kids on his studies, and she won't allow such a thing. Then she yells that he has nothing to do with that Piccolo, and he's just a little kid, as Gokuu starts to get pissed. Then Gohan suddenly yells, "Shut up!!!!!" Chichi gets quiet, and thinks Gohan's turned into a delinquent. Gohan tells her he must go and return everyone to life. He can fight, and he must do something. Gyuumaou agrees that she should let him go, and Gokuu thinks Gohan really has gotten strong.

Blooma thinks it's all settled, and says that since she needs to fix the Nameck input, they'll meet up in ten days at Kame House. Some time passes, and Blooma and her father and some other workers all work on modifying the space ship. "And finally, the day of departure..." Blooma is at Kame House with the space ship, and Kuririn is packed and ready to go, looking at the thing with Kamesennin and Umigame. Kuririn asks Blooma about her haircut (short and straight now), and she says it's extremely cool. Kuririn asks if she thinks it's okay he brought an umbrella, in case of the weather, and then they notice Gohan's arrived, along with Chichi and Gyuumaou.

Gohan is dressed in a fancy little suit with a bow tie, and has a new flat bowl haircut. Blooma falls over, and Kuririn almost doesn't even recognize him. Chichi says he's dressed up all nice because the aliens have never seen a human before. Blooma sits up, exhausted, and says they should go now. Kamesennin shakes Kuririn's hand and tells him to find the Dragon Balls. And then Gohan tells everyone goodbye, and Chichi promises to send him a letter everyday. Inside the ship, Kuririn and Gohan look around. Kuririn asks where to put his bag, and Blooma says it doesn't matter, just hurry and sit down.

Blooma tells the control pad, "Departure in five seconds. Destination Planet Nameck." And then zoom, it blasts right off into space. Kuririn wishes they had seatbelts, and Kamesennin can't believe their speed. Up in the ship, Blooma says they can now do as they like, and then goes in another room to change. Kuririn thinks she's gonna put on pajamas, and then says he forgot his pajamas. Gohan then also decides to change, but into an outfit he made against his mom's knowledge, just like Piccolo's. Blooma comes out, not wearing pajamas, but an outfit that looks like it's meant for adventuring. And so began their journey to Planet Nameck...








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