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Chapter 244

宇宙船 発見!!
Uchuusen Hakken!!

Weekly Jump Issue: 1989 #44
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 21
Kanzenban: 17


Kuririn asks if there really is a space ship, and Popo says probably. (He's floating on a magic carpet outside the hospital windows.) Gokuu explains that Mister Popo lives with Kami-sama, and served under all the previous Gods as well. Kuririn asks what he means "probably", and Popo says there's probably a spaceship, but he doesn't really know. So he wants someone to come with him to investigate. Kuririn looks to Blooma-san, but she doesn't think it looks safe to go with Popo. Blooma then climbs out the window and onto the carpet, and tells Popo to be careful, as she's delicate. And then the carpet vanishes, and the others wonder about the space ship.

The magic carpet reappears in some windy canyon-filled place. "Arrived. Get down." Blooma asks where this is, saying this place is extremely cold. "Yunzabitt Heights." Blooma asks if that isn't the ends of the Earth, as Popo tries to remember which direction it's in. Then he starts walking through a little canyon, and Blooma follows, saying he better not be planning anything etchi. And then they come to a big open spot with a...thing. It's a big round thing with spiky legs holding it up, and some spiky things sticking out the top. Popo asks if this is a space ship, and Blooma goes over to investigate, and thinks it's seems like metal. Then she asks about this thing.

Popo says Kami-sama told him something very unusual about a hundred years ago. He said that when he was a kid, he used to live here in Yunzabitt Heights. And he had asked Popo why there's no people living at Yunzabitt. It seemed Kami-sama had hit his head and lost his memory. Then he asked Popo where both of his parents were. He just had a letter saying, "I'll come later, please wait for me." So he kept waiting for his parents, but they never came. Then a flashback to older Kami-sama talking to Popo about all of this.

Kami-sama says he waited there until someone came; it was harsh, and the food wasn't good. He waited for twenty, no, thirty years, until he finally gave up and left his house behind. And sometimes he looks and notices that it hasn't changed a bit. Blooma interrupts and asks the meaning of all this, and Popo says he's getting to the point. Kami-sama says now he tries to remember that strange house. He knows there's many various worlds out there, but this house was truly different. It had four round legs, like an insect. The door didn't have a knob or key; you had to open it with language.

Popo then tells Blooma the word was "Piccolo". And then the bottom comes down from the round part, just a disc-type platform, and so they climb onto it and say "Piccolo" again. Blooma realizes this is Kami-sama's house. Now the disc is a part of the floor, and they're inside. Basically it's just a futuristic looking room, with a big seat behind a control pad thing. Popo asks if this doesn't look like a space ship, and Blooma realizes that Kami-sama is a Nameckian, and he must've come here to escape the unusual weather. Popo says he also heard when Kaiou-sama told everyone that, and then he remembered what Kami-sama had told him about this house. Popo says his parents must've sent him here as a kid, to save him from the bad things on the planet.

Blooma thinks there must've been something up if his parents didn't escape with him; maybe they planned to come afterwards, but they died. Blooma looks around at the seat and stuff, and feels certain that it's a space ship, but wonders if they're able to use it. She starts messing with the control pad thing looking for the main switch, but can't seem to find it, and wonders if there's a code number. Then she doesn't think these buttons are switches, but sensors. Then her and Popo realize that it must be voice activated like the entrance was. "Piccolo" doesn't work, so she tries saying something else. "Move!! Can you hear me!? Fly!! Try flying!!"

Blooma gives up, and realizes you must need to speak in Nameck. She remembers the weird language Kami-sama and Piccolo had been speaking at the Tenkaichi Budoukai, and realizes that was Nameck. Popo says he knows that language. "Piccolo" means "different world" in that language. Then Blooma remembers something about Piccolo Daimaou being referred to as "the Great Demon King of a different world". Then she tells Popo to tell it to fly, and he asks where. She says anywhere is good, like Jupiter or something. Popo gives it the command in Nameck, and then blast! Almost instantly it takes off, and they immediately reach Jupiter. They start celebrating, and Popo wipes a tear away at the thought of Kami-sama coming back.








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