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Chapter 253

Arumura no Koubousen

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #1·2
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 22
Kanzenban: 17


The three young men come into the village, pissed, and then they notice the two older men dead. One man says he'd had a bad feeling, and Freeza says they've taken a break from work to come get killed. Another of the men says he'd heard a rumor that someone was coming to the villages and taking the Dragon Balls, so it must be true. The third man gets pissed at them stomping on Nameck's peace. The elder tells them to be careful and please fight, and Freeza asks Dodoria-san what their Battle Powers are. He checks, and says they're each about 1000. No match for them. The elder thinks, and realizes those devices are how they're able to find the small villages and people on this vast planet.

The random henchman dudes laugh about them being only 1000, but Kuririn and Gohan notice they're actually holding back their ki. The henchman dudes all rush at them, but then the men start powering up. Man #2 then kicks a dude into a random mountain thing. Man #1 knocks one dude hard in the face, probably breaking his neck, then Man #3 blasts another dude and sends him flying over towards Zarbon. Zarbon kicks him away into the ocean, and asks Dodoria if they're really 1000. Dodoria checks and says they've gone up to 3000 now. The Nameckian men keep beating up all the henchman dudes, as Kuririn and Gohan silently cheer them on from atop the cliff.

Freeza notes that they're able to control their Battle Powers, as the elder thinks about those devices again. The elder then tells the two kids to get away, as Dodoria sets down his two Dragon Balls. Dodoria asks Freeza if he can get rid of those three, and Freeza tells him to do as he likes. Then the elder fires a little blast at Dodoria's Scouter and blows it up. Dodoria laughs and says an attack like that won't defeat him. Then the elder flies up into the air and starts firing some blasts down, destroying the Scouters of all the unconscious/dead/whatever henchman dudes as well. Zarbon realizes his target was the Scouters, and Dodoria screams that he'll kill them all.








  1. Incomplete
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