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Chapter 254

Namekkuseijin no Teikou

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #3·4
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 22
Kanzenban: 17


Zarbon yells out that the target was the Scouters (again), and Gohan notes that that's the thing that detects opponent's strength and location. Kuririn realizes that it wasn't that they had a way to find the location of the Dragon Balls, but they were searching out the Nameckians with the Scouters. And the elder knew that and broke them all. Dodoria gets pissed, and threatens to kill them all (again), then flies up into the air after the elder. Freeza yells at him to wait and kill the three young men first. Dodoria comes back to the ground and faces them, and tells them it should only take ten seconds to take care of them. But Man #1 says he thinks the three of them can stand their ground against him.

"You think you can hold your own against me-sama, you say? What a great joke!" Dodoria then quickly appears behind Man #1, and puts his arm straight through his chest. Then he pulls out and fires a huge mouth blast at Man #2. Finally he swipes at Man #3, but Man #3 jumps up into the air, and then runs away. Dodoria chases him, and so he turns around and throws a two-handed overhead blast at Dodoria. Explosion, and the man thinks he's won, but when the smoke clears, Dodoria is okay. Dodoria then flies straight at him, and headbutts him into a random mountain thing, killing him. Freeza tells the elder he must realize it's pointless to defy him any further, and asks him to come down. The elder hesitates a bit, and then comes back down to the ground, and Freeza's glad he's being more obedient.

"You've broken our very important Scouters. Don't you think you should apologize and hand over the Dragon Balls? You probably already know how we work, right? So, if you're stubborn, the children will die next." The elder then relents, so long as they promise to leave the children out of this. Kuririn asks Gohan if he notices a weird ki rising; it's not extreme, but it's more than a match for them. The elder then gives the Fourstarball* over to a random henchman dude to hold, and then Freeza asks him to tell him where the other two Dragon Balls are. The elder refuses to sell out the other Nameckians, and Freeza says he'll just have to die, along with the children. The elder freaks out, and then Dodoria attacks him.

*Plot hole! This should actually be the Sixstarball. In fact, later on it is shown to be the Sixstarball. The actual Fourstarball appears a bit later as well.








  1. Incomplete
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