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Chapter 263

Zaabon no Himeta Chikara

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #12
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 22
Kanzenban: 18


Vegeta thinks Zarbon's threat is hilarious, and Zarbon decides to explain about his true power before Vegeta dies. Zarbon explains that it's a difficult transformation to bring out his true power. He prefers this beautiful form, which is why he can't stand transforming. "But, I'll choose transforming over death..." Vegeta laughs about the idea of him transforming like the Saiyans do. Zarbon says he has no need to transform into something large like those Saiyan monkeys do. It's just his power that grows. Vegeta wants to see this. And then bam, Zarbon suddenly bulks up to an ugly frog monster, then he rushes at Vegeta and grabs his head, and gives Vegeta a nasty headbutt. Then he tosses Vegeta into the air, but Vegeta catches himself and dives back down towards Zarbon.

Zarbon flies up towards him, and they meet up, with Zarbon's fist to Vegeta's face. Then he kicks Vegeta off into the distance, and Vegeta just barely catches himself, running out of breath now. Zarbon tells Vegeta he can't hide his surprise that he's of a transforming race. Zarbon says things have now turned, and decides to tell him something good before he dies. "Freeza-sama is also of a transforming race!" Vegeta freaks out, and Zarbon says someone who can't even beat him is certainly no match for Freeza-sama, as he fires a huge blast at Vegeta. Vegeta just barely dodges it, and then Zarbon suddenly grabs hold of him from behind. Zarbon then zooms straight down towards the ground, and then lets go of Vegeta, and Vegeta crashes hard. Zarbon then doubts Vegeta had survived that; even if he did, he'd probably drown. Then he turns pretty again and decides to go tell Freeza about this. Then Vegeta slowly resurfaces and tries to pull himself back on land, saying how he'll get stronger.








  1. Incomplete
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