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Chapter 264

Saichourou no Ie

Weekly Jump Issue: 1990 #13
Color Pages: Incomplete
Tankoubon: 22
Kanzenban: 18


The random henchman dude wonders why a village they haven't been to yet is wiped out, and realizes it must be Vegeta's doing. He thinks he should tell Freeza, and then flies off. Speaking of Freeza, he's back at their ship, which is a big saucer type thing. He's out of his little pod now, floating in the air staring outside a big window, when the intercom says, "Freeza-sama, it's Zarbon". Freeza tells him to enter, and the door slides open and he comes in. Freeza asks if he's found a village, but Zarbon says no, though he has defeated Vegeta. Then Freeza asks if Vegeta's dead, and Zarbon says he didn't confirm the corpse, but the odds are slim considering the severity of his injuries.

Freeza asks why he didn't confirm it, and Zarbon explains that he was underwater. Freeza figures he's neglected to confirm it because he doesn't like getting wet. Zarbon then says it was inexcusable, and he'll confirm it immediately. Then the henchman dude arrives at the ship and says he's found a village, but it's already been destroyed. Zarbon figures it must've been Vegeta, but he didn't have a Dragon Ball with him. Freeza tells Zarbon to bring Vegeta back here, and he'd better hope he's still alive. Then he orders the random henchman dude, Apul, to contact Planet Freeza and have the Ginyuu Special-Squad come here in five days. Zarbon freaks out and asks why the Ginyuu Special-Squad, and Freeza says he has a strange premonition... A feeling about a strong Saiyan. He's not sure it's Vegeta, though. Zarbon says if it's not Vegeta, then it must be the person and the kid from that Earth planet, though they're considerably weaker than Vegeta.

Freeza asks if he doubts his premonition, and then tells him to hurry and bring Vegeta here. Zarbon flies off, and Freeza thinks to himself some more. The Saiyans have endless fighting potential, though they're of course no match for him. But in the future, if they continue to sprout up, they could be really troublesome if one became a Super Saiyan. Meanwhile, Vegeta struggles across the ground and then Zarbon spots him. Zarbon says he's pretty tough, and decides he'll have to have medical treatment before he can tell them anything. So he grabs Vegeta by the wrist and flies off with him. "Due to the fact that Planet Nameck has three suns, the sun never sets... And so, about one day's time has passed... Gokuu still continues to train all day and all night..." Gokuu jumps around the room training and stuff, and then lays down on the floor, exhausted.

Kuririn and Dende are resting at the foot of a random mountain thing, and then Kuririn wakes up and yells at Dende to wake up and lead them to Eldest's place. He then picks up Dende and starts flying, and has Dende direct him. A little to the left, and then atop the tall rock. There's a house atop the tall rock (random mountain thing), and Dende says Eldest-sama is inside. The door opens as they go towards it, and a young Nameckian man comes out, whom Dende calls Nail-san. Nail says Eldest-sama knows the situation already, and Dende asks him why they haven't left if so. Nail explains that the time of Eldest's death is near, and it's Nail's duty to protect him. Then they all step into the house, and Eldest is a very large, heavy old Nameckian, seated in a large chair/throne. He thanks Kuririn for saving Dende, and Kuririn says it was nothing.








  1. Incomplete
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